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what minerals are in perfume

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Q: What minerals are in perfume?
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Are there minerals in perfume?

Yes! In fact it does have minerals in it!

What does perfume plus water plus perfume equals?

perfume plus water plus perfume equals perfume+water+perfume.

What is the Spanish word for perfume?

Perfume = el perfume

What did the Greeks import and export?

They exported pottery, jewelry, olive oil and wine. They exported grain, timber, minerals, luxury goods such as ivory, glass and perfume.

What is the other name for perfume?

Another name for perfume is scent. Colognes are not perfume, they are formulations that may contain perfume.

What is the difference between perfume and perfume testers?

Perfume is what you buy from a store and it makes you smell nice. Perfume testers is what you can "test" in the store to see if you like the scent of the perfume. Perfume testers are really perfume bottles that simply don't have the packaging and that is their industry nickname!

Is there a perfume that smells like OP Blend?

Perfume Emporium and ocean perfume

Is perfume a colloid suspension or a solution?

Perfume is a suspension

What is the hypothesis in making a perfume?


How do you say perfume in Arabic?


Who is Cerruti perfume produced for?

Cerruti perfume is produced for men who want good-smelling and perfect perfume. In addition, women can enjoy Cerruti perfume for good smell and perfect perfume.

What is 'perfume' when translated from English to Italian?

"Perfume" in English is profumo in Italian.

What perfume is made in france?

Here are some: Floral perfume and Men's challenge perfume.

What is a perfume cone?

a perfume cone is a come that keeps perfume in it usually used by women.

Is it correct to say loud perfume or strong perfume?

It is correct to say strong perfume.

A perfume case is ten dollars The perfume costs nine dollars more than the perfume bottle What is the price of the perfume and the perfume bottle seperatly?

You cant answer it because you dont give the price of the bottle just the case and the perfume itself

Is there a perfume that smells like the lilu perfume?


How do you make perfume?

A&o Perfume spiderwebs

How do you dissolve perfume?

Perfume can be dissolved in alcohol.

Who made can can perfume?

Can Can is a perfume by Paris Hilton.

What is hair perfume?

perfume for your hair. Bazinga

How do you say perfume in Germany?

Perfume = Parfum

What is the solvent in perfume?

... The solvent in perfume is Ethanol.

Is perfume a suspension?

Yes,Perfume is a suspension.

Perfume that starts with a?

Acqua Fiorentina is a perfume from Creed. Thierry Mugler produces Alien perfume.