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Q: What minivan is featured in a commercial with kids being driven around by a salesman getting a dog named Bob and going through a fast food drive through?
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Who is the narrator for the Chrysler minivan commercial?

Stephen dorff

Who is the actress in the Toyota Sienna minivan commercial?

Rachael Drummond.

Who is the narrator for the current Dodge minivan tv commercial?

Segourney Weaver

What is the name of the song in the recent Dodge minivan commercial?

its called "major Tom" by the shiny toy guns

Is modest mouse in a TV commercial?

The band licensed "Gravity Rides Everything" for a commercial for Nissans's Quest minivan, a move that Brock (vocalist) has acknowledged as blatantly commercial but necessary to achieve financial stability

What is a suzuki every minivan?

The Suzuki Every Minivan is a multi-purpose minivan.

How many feet long is a minivan?

It depends on the minivan.

Does a minivan transform into a robot?

G1 Skids is a minivan, and so is RID X-Brawn, the brother of Prowl and Sideburn. G1 Ironhide also Transforms into a minivan. So technically, no. A minivan can not turn into a robot, but a Transformer robot can turn into a minivan.

What are the measurements of the opening in the back of a minivan?

It varies by size of minivan.

What is the Spanish word for minivan?

minivan = el monovolumen or el monospacio

Does VW still make a van?

They make the Routan, which is a minivan, and will start selling it in the US in the fall. In Europe there are a lot of VW commercial vans, including their answer to the Sprinter.

How many seats does a minivan Ford have?

How many seats do a minivan ford have?Six

Can you describe how to pick a sample of 50 minivan owners that represent the minivan owners of your state?

You can make a survey to the people around your community asking them if they are an minivan owner.

When was the minivan created?

The earliest vehicle that could be called a minivan is the 1936 Stout Scarab.

When was a minivan invented?

Lei Acoca invented the MiniVan in 1984 Town& Country for Chrysler

How much does it cost to replace a front spindle on a minivan?

It depends on the make and model of the minivan.

Is the Cadillac SRX a minivan?

Cadillac does not make a minivan, the closest they have to a minivan would be the SRX Crossover. They have made some concept minivans but never brought any to production.

Is ram and dodge the same company?

Ram and Dodge are both part of FCA, Fiat Chrysler America. Ram is the truck and commercial van division. Dodge has car and minivan models.

What minivan is the most reliable?

Consumer Reports data shows that the Toyota Sienna is probably the most reliable minivan.

Is a minivan a passenger car or SUV?

Neither. It's a minivan - something distinctly different from either class of vehicle.

When was the first minivan invented?

1984 model year -- Chrysler invented the first minivan -- Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager

What actors and actresses appeared in Minivan - 2001?

The cast of Minivan - 2001 includes: Taylor Arnold Cliff Leford

What is the cost of driving the minivan in miles per dollar?

A minivan travels 330 miles on a 15 gallon tank of gas. If gas costs $3.20 per gallon, what is the cost of driving the minivan in miles per dollar?

What is the weight of a Minivan?

4800 lb

Who invented the minivan?

The Chrysler corporation.