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Elizabeth has no miracles ascribed to her. However, God did perform a miracle in her favor. Her husband was angry with her for always taking food from their table to give to the poor. One day she was leaving home with a shawl full of bread. Her husband stopped her and told her to show what she was carrying. When she opened her shawl, rose fell out. The bread had disappeared.

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She turned bread into roses.

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What miracles did Saint Elizabeth John the Baptists mother perform?

The Bible does not attribute any miracles to Elizabeth, other than the birth of John.

What were the miracles that Saint Monica the patron saint of mothers perform?

There are no miracles recorded that can be attributed to Saint Monica.

What miracles did Saint Anne perform?

Saint Anne did not perform any miracles but is a saint because she is the Mother of The Virgin Mary and Grandmother of Jesus Christ. :)

What miracles did Teresa of los Andes perform?

what miracles did saint teresa of los andes perform

Did Saint Elizabeth Anne Seton make miracles?

Although she did not perform any miracles, per se, through her intercession miracles were said to have occurred.Elizabeth Anne was not noted for performing miracles during her life time. However, through her intercession after death there are sure to be a number of miracles that can be attributed to her help.

How do believers get powers to perform miracles?

No believer nor any saint has the power to perform miracles. However, sometimes God chooses to perform a miracle through the intercession of a saint or believer.

Did Saint Mary Faustina Kowalska perform any miracles?

Saint Faustina did not perform miracles. She did receive a message of mercy from the Lord, asking her to spread mercy.

Did Saint Aloysius Gonzaga perform any miracles?


Does a saint perform a miracle or does God grant a miracle through intercession?

Roman Catholic AnswerSaints do not perform miracles, only God performs miracles, so your answer is (b): God grants miracles through the intercession of a saint.

Did Saint Faith perform miracles?

If Our Lord worked any miracles through Faith, there is no record of them.

Did Saint Martha perform any miracles?

If Martha performed any miracles, there is no record of them in scripture.

What miracle did Saint Jerome perform?

Saint Jerome is not noted as a performer of miracles. He was declared a saint before the canonization process was instituted and no miracles were required for sainthood.

Did Saint Lucia perform a miracle?

There is no reference to any miracles performed by Saint Lucy.

Did Saint Thomas Aquinas perform any miracles?


What miracles did Saint David perform?

healed a blind woman

What miracles did Saint Julia of Corsica perform?

Never be mad

Did Saint Elizabeth have any miracles?

There are a number of saints named Elizabeth. Please be specific.

Did Saint Angela Merici perform any miracles?

To be cannonized and declared as a saint, the catholic church needs some miracles on their name. So Saint Angela Merici did have some miracles on her name as well.

How do saints perform miracles?

1. Holy powers.2. If you pray to a saint to heal a sickness and it gets better, it is a miracle.Roman Catholic AnswerSaints do not technically perform miracles, themselves. God performs miracles, usually at the request of a saint.

What miracles did Saint Thomas Aquinas perform?

See the link below for the canonization miracles of Thomas Aquinas.

What miracles did Saint Matilda perform?

St. Matilda is not known for miracles. Instead, she is remembered for her kindness and charity.

What were Saint Elizabeth the son of John the Baptist's miracles?

Elizabeth was the mother of John the Baptist, not the son.

What miracles are attributed to Saint Hope?

None, she was cannonized before saints had to perform miracles. She died at age 10 as a martyr, and that's why she was made a saint.

Where did Saint Elizabeth of Portugal live?

In her later years Elizabeth retired to a monastery of Poor Clares she had founded at Coimbra, Portugal.

How did Saint Monica do her miracles?

We have no record of any miracles performed by St. Monica. What's more, saints do not 'perform' miracles. Saints act as a channel for God to work miracles.

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