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What miracles did Saint Therese perform?


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January 12, 2009 1:22AM

St. Therese is credited with two spontaneous cures that medical science was unable to explain, prior to her beatification. In 1916, Sr. Louise of St. Germain was cured of stomach ulcers which she had suffered from for three years. The second miracle was the case of Charles Anne, a 23-year old seminarian who was near death from advanced pulmonary tuberculosis. Charles prayed to St. Therese as he lay dying. Later, he was examined by a doctor who proclaimed that Charles' lungs seemed to have been replaced by new lungs. Therese was beatified as a result of these two miracles. She was now called "Blessed Therese."

Two additional miracles followed. A woman from Parma, Italy, named Gabrielle Trimusi, who suffered from arthritis of the knee, as well as tubular lesions on her vertebrae, was spontaneously cured. The final documented miracle happened to a Belgium woman, Maria Pellemans, who suffered from pulmonary tuberculosis which had spread to her intestines (the same illness Therese died from). Maria visited Therese's grave, and after returning and being examined by her doctor, was found to be completely cured, and all symptoms had disappeared. Two other doctors had previously confirmed the first doctor's diagnosis before Maria visited Therese's grave. After these miracles were investigated and approved by the Church, Therese was officially canonized a saint by Pope Pius XI on May 17, 1925, a mere 28 years after her death at the age of 24.