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I have always found that this formula works for me: Junior size minus 3 = misses size. So, if you're a 13 in juniors then you would wear a 10 in misses. If you're an 11 in juniors then you would be an 8 in misses.

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What is junior size 7 in misses?

A junior size 7 would be the equivalent of a misses 6. Misses clothing are cut with fuller thighs and hips, so it would be a smaller size for juniors.

What size in misses jeans equals juniors size 15?

It would be a size 16 in Misses.

What is a womens size 2 in misses or juniors?

i would say its around a 3/4 in juniors, i wear a size two in misses and i usually fit anywhere between a size 2-4 in juniors.

If you wear a size 7 in Juniors what would that be in Misses?

If I wear a junior size 7, what size would I wear in a misses size?

What is juniors size 7 in misses?

i would say around size 6

What size pants do you wear in juniors if im a 14 in womens?

There is not an equivalent size to a women's 14 in juniors, since juniors clothes are cut smalls and women's cut larger. You may have an equivalent in misses which would be a 14 or 16.

What size in womens would be equal to a size 13 in juniors?

Try a 10. I'm a 15 in Juniors, and I'm a size 12.

Juniors Clothing Offers a Perfect Fit?

Tween and teenage girls tend to be the pickiest consumers when it comes to selecting clothing. In years past, it would be nearly impossible to find stylish clothing that properly fits this age range. Clothing choices would either be too big and baggy or too small and childish. Fortunately, juniors clothing options have developed to offer clothing that fits properly while also being age appropriate. Women's sizes, or misses clothing, is cut specifically to fit full-grown women and does not address the sizing issues faced by growing tween or teenage girls. While juniors-sized girls have waist sizes that are too big for traditional little girl sizes, they are often not as tall as full-grown women. As a result, shopping for a girl in the tween to teenage years is nearly impossible in the traditional girls' or women's department at clothing stores. Juniors clothing sizes bridge this gap by offering waist sizes in a wider range than girls' clothing while also offering pant and shirt lengths that are not tailored to only fit fully grown women. Unlike traditional women's clothing, juniors clothing is created in odd-numbered sizes. As a result, juniors-sized pants fit growing girls better than womenÕs sizes can. Instead of having to choose between pants that are too short or too tight, juniors clothing allows girls to find pants that perfectly fit their waist size. Another problem faced by girls in this age range is how shirts are cut. Misses-sized clothing is cut with the expectation that a woman' bust is fully developed. For tweens and teens, this is often not the case. When a girl in this age range attempts to wear a shirt cut in misses' sizes, the shirt typically either sags in the chest area due to being too big or the neckline of the shirt will fall too low on the girl's chest. Both of these effects are extremely undesirable and embarrassing. Juniors clothing is specially tailored to fit bust sizes that are smaller than the bust sizes found in misses clothing. The specially tailored cut results in shirts that fit comfortably and look good without being too baggy or revealing. Even though tweens and teens are extremely picky with their clothing choices, shopping for clothing does not need to be an impossible or frustrating task. By looking in the juniors department, clothing can be found that fits perfectly while still retaining a trendy element of style.

Size 9 pants in juniors would equal what size in Misses?

depending on your shape and height, you're anywhere from a 6-10. Most likely you are between a 6 and an 8. That is where I stand, and the only reason i go up to an eight is because i have more "junk in the trunk". Also i have been consistently wearing a size 9 in juniors for years

What is the average jean size for a 12 year old girl?

I'd say about a size 14 in girls. That would be a size 1 in juniors and a 2 in misses.

Fab or Frumpy Misses Size Dresses?

Are you looking for a special occasion dress for your next high school dance? Do you find it impossible to squeeze into the skimpy offerings in the Junior's department, or would your parents simply refuse to buy something like that? Either way, there is an answer for you that does not include wearing an old lady style dress and being the center of ridicule by all of your friends. The answer is misses size dresses. Misses sizes include the latest fashion trends and biggest designer names. The difference, is that Misses size means the clothing is cut with ample room in the hops, chest and legs for a normal sized woman. Juniors clothing fits only very small teens and women. It is not cut to fit most people and caters to a very select sample of the population. Dress shops and big department stores may be a great source for misses size dresses when you are looking for the right one for your upcoming event. Whether it's a formal, semi-formal or just a casual dinner event, there will be a good option for you. Don't waste your time being upset about not fitting into junior's sizes. As mentioned earlier, some people never can. Misses sizes are the ones that are cut for most people and therefore, a majority of women find themselves shopping in the Misses department for all of their clothing needs. Clothing buyers realize that Misses sizes mean more than just business attire. As you watch the changing fashion trends, understand that buyers are doing their best to get these trends into stores in the sizes that women actually wear. Clothing manufacturer's are working to produce high fashion clothing in a variety of sizes and styles. This includes working to produce Misses clothing that fits the fashion tastes of all women. Misses size dresses are a great option and come in many different styles and levels of formality. You will definitely be able to find the right dress for your big night out if you take some time to check out what the dress stores and department stores have to offer.

What does it mean when a girl says she misses you?

That would simply mean she enjoys being around you and misses you.

If you wear a size 12 in woman's what size would you wear in misses?

a size 12W is a 14 misses I wear a 14W but have to wear a 16 Misses

Why does he say he still misses you after two years?

The reason he still misses you is either he wishes he would not have broken up with you. He says he misses you because he really does or he says he misses you as a means of manipulating you. You know him best. You tell me.

What is girls size 14 equal to in women's size?

Actually it would be equal to a size 00 - 1 in juniors, depending on how small the manufacture's sizes run. So, it really doesn't fit anywhere on the women's size chart.

What is size 32 hips in juniors?

I have a 31 inch waist and wear a 3/4 in Juniors so i am guessing you would be anywhere from a 4 to a 6

Would an unmarried girl be called miss or misses?

One unmarried girl is Miss. Two unmarried girls are Misses.

Is us juniors the correct way to complete a sentence?

It can be. If this phrase is at the end of a sentence, it is probably the object of a preposition: The seniors had enough money to go on a field trip, but there was not enough money left for us juniors. ("For us juniors" is a prepositional phrase.) If you wanted the juniors to be the subject of the sentence, it would look like this: We juniors are very disappointed that there wasn't enough money for us to go on the field trip.

If a girl wears a size 3 in junior sizes what is the size in women's sizes?

Junior sizes are a slimmer cut and typically fall between the misses so a size 3 jr would be a misses 2 or 4. Misses are a little fuller cut so I would suggest the smaller size in misses.

You wear size 18 womens what size do you wear in junior?

they don't make things that big for kids... that's why your sized in WOMENS ... ^^ if you don't know what your talking about then don't answer the question yes they do make plus sized juniors clothing its the style of clothing not necessarily for kids if your an 18 i would go a 20 maybe 22 Debs has a whole line of plus sized clothing

What size would juniors size 1 be in men's size?

OVER 9000

What does it mean when a guy says that he misses you?

Unless you have suspicions that would indicate otherwise, it means: He misses you. Some things are literal, just as stated.

Why Gandhi were a dhoti?

Because he wanted to be equal with the poor, and by not wearing British clothing, it would be a form of protesting against the British

Why would a woman you broke up with and broke her heart at first be very sad over you then she says now she misses her ex husband and does this mean she wants you back?

If she misses her ex husband, then no she doesn't want you back. She misses him, not you.

What age would fit size juniors small?

i wear junior smalls and im 14