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There are many mobile phones that use touch screen technology. Among the more popular touch screen phones are: Samsung Infuse, Motorola Photon, and the HTC Sensation.


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smart phones have touch screen.

Many of the newer touch screen mobile phones have features such as pinch zoom, screen capture capabilities, password-lock capabilities, and more depending on the cell carrier and the specific phone.

Virgin Mobile does provide mobile phones with Touch Screens. One such example is the Samsung Intercept, an Android phone sporting a 3.2" touch screen, a QWERTY keyboard and 3.2 MP Camera.

It's modern and easier to use rather than the older phones

Touch screen phones, from being a craze have started to become a necessity in a layman's life. Besides, it's always fun to see your mobile respond back either in the form of some pleasing-to-hear sound or a soft vibration. Touch screen phones have brought about a revolution which is surely here to stay.Now, you can avail best touch screen mobile deals on Mobile Comparison Shop and choose the best touch screen mobile phone which can exactly make you match your fantasies with the reality.

capacitive touch screen like the iphone and most phones resistive touch screen like some nokia touch mobiles capacitive is much better and smoother

Touch screen phones are this generation and the more electronic the better. this website have 1500+ Chinese mobile phones

Any " Samsung " touch screen mobile will be the best

Touch screen phones and regular phones tend to have very similar lifespan. The lifespan of phones depends on how often it is used and how it is taken care of. Touch screen phones do have more complicated techonology involved though.

No they work on alot of phones. Usally touch screen but some touch screen don't have it. So no they don't work on any phones

The companies that make touch screen mobile phones are LG, AT&T, Nokia, Samsung, Verizon, T mobile, and I Pod. The technology has been around since 1992 and therefore is now being manufactured by all of the major phone companies.

There are quite a few of them. One of the most popular and recent one is the Nokia 5800 Tube.

Well, if you look at it, from no slide and type to touch-screen, we've gone pretty far.

Yes. Most people, especially teenagers have Apple iPhones or Samsung Galaxy

No samsung touch phones are way easier to use and the touch screen on the samsung is more responsive. Hope I helped :)

Yes it isa touch screen.

Its simple, when the touch screen panel was invented

Touch screen phones are the most advanced as of now. Many companies are going to be making phones that project a holgram screen in real 3D and you can control bottons by touching air.

Sony has a variety of mobile touchscreen phones including the Ericsson, which comes in models Xperia play, Xperia neo, and Xperia arc. More models of the Ericsson will be coming soon.

Go to veoh player on iPhone if u have something mobile with touch screen not shure about phones except iPhone if don't have touch screen to 2 utube or veoh

Today almost all smartphones are touch screen so there a lot of options out there. The number one touch screen phone out there is the Apple iPhone. It is only a touch screen, meaning that there is no keypad. A common competitor is the Android phones.

Nowadays, more and more phone is touch screen phones.

They don't need to be internet enabled, but in today's world it's pretty much a standard feature of most modern mobile phones.

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