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Play Old With the NewThere are some excellent Country Music songs that are more popular in the 1990s into the new millennium and you want something a little fast-paced to stir up the blood, but it's great to add a couple of good old country songs (fast-paced) that people haven't heard for awhile. AnswerWell I am a true Okie, born and raised in Oklahoma and its always been Garth Brooks, Alabama, and George Strait to name a few. Really it's up to the event organizer but good luck with that. prettypotts

Chris LeDoux is always a good choice for rodeos.

"Ponies" by John Denver!

"Crazy town"- by Jason Aldean (a great get up and go song :))

I agree with the true Okie. Don't discount the cowboy songs sung by Michael Martin Murphey. He has been keeping the old cowboy songs alive along with our nation's history.

2011-10-29 20:18:05
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What is the duration of Wild Horse Rodeo?

The duration of Wild Horse Rodeo is 3300.0 seconds.

When was Wild Horse Rodeo created?

Wild Horse Rodeo was created on 1937-12-06.

What are Different horse Events and Their purposes?

There are many different types of events at horse shows. The two main types are rodeo and pleasure. An example of rodeo is barrels, you are fighting for the fasted time in this. An example of pleasure is western pleasure, when showing western pleasure you are looking for the prettiest stride in a walk, jog, and lope.

What horse is ridden backwards?


What are the release dates for Wild Horse Rodeo - 1937?

Wild Horse Rodeo - 1937 was released on: USA: 6 December 1937

What actors and actresses appeared in Iron Horse Rodeo - 1993?

The cast of Iron Horse Rodeo - 1993 includes: Todd Boss as Narrator

What is a rodeo horse?

A horse trained to play in shows that consist the culture of a cowboy.

What is a rodeo horse called?

Depends on the event, I won't go into detail due to the number of rodeo events, but you'll hear stock horse quite a bit.

What is the relationship between a horse and a rodeo?

horses take part in carrying the rodeo guy of the ''stage'' or out of the ring.

What is a 5 letter word for a rodeo horse?


Who sings rodeo?

I think Garth Brooks. I know for a fact that Chris Ledoux has a song called rodeo.. not appropriate though.

When is great western rodeo?


What happens to horses in the wild when they have been caught by men and dogs?

If a mustang (horse) gets caught by men usually the men will abuse the horse or they will enter the horse in a rodeo to do the wild horse race or something in a rodeo... If a mustang (horse) gets caught by dogs the dog will maybe (probably) injure the horse/hurt the horse.... =[

How does a rodeo smell?

Like manure or horse and cow dung.

Is it OK to wear English riding boots to a Western rodeo?

If you're not competing, do not wear rodeo attire. So yes, English boots would be appropriate. If you dressed up like a cowboy it would be like wearing a football uniform to a football game that you're just watching.

What nicknames did Lucille Mulhall go by?

Lucille Mulhall went by America's Greatest Horse Woman, Queen of the Saddle, Queen of the Western Prairie, America's First Cowgirl, and Rodeo Queen.

What does a Rodeo Queen do?

A Rodeo Queen has many jobs; role model, public speaker for rodeo, to carry on the western heritage, and to help out at the rodeo. The rodeo queen is not just a cowgirl with a crown and big hair, they are skilled and knowledgeable cowgirls with a heart of gold.

What do you do with the Quarter horse?

You can do most anything with a Quarter horse, but they are best at ranch type work and rodeo work.

What are the best horses for a rodeo?

The American Quarter Horse is used in most rodeo events because it is fast and can turn and stop quickly.

What is the horse powewr of a 1996 Isuzu rodeo V6?

190 HP

What relationship is there between a mustang and a rodeo?

A mustang is a (horse) and a person rides it.

Where does the American sport of rodeo trace it's roots to?

The modern sport of rodeo traces its roots to the working practices of cattle herding in Spain, Mexico, and later the United States, Canada, South America and Australia. It was based on the skills required of the working vaqueros and later, cowboys, in what today is the western United States, western Canada, and northern Mexico.

What goes on at a rodeo?

At a rodeo...well it depends wat kind of rodeo....but usually there is like horse back riding....where they run around the cones and stuff...and some other stuff like wrapping the rope around the calf's ankle, while riding on the's really

Riding out on a horse in a star-spangled rodeo is from what song?

Rhinestone Cowboy

Who is miss rodeo Colorado of the national western stock show2011?

Melissa king