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euros €

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Q: What money used in Spain?
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What are the current money used in Spain?

The current money used in Spain is Euro. :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :D ;

Spain used money gained from the conquest of the inca to enlarge its?

Spain used money gained from the conquest of the Inca to enlarge its army and navy.

What type of money is used in Spain?


What is the current money used in Spain?


What money currency is used in Spain?


What money did Spain use before euro?

Spain used Peseta before the euro!

What kind of money is used in Spain?

Cents and euros

What did Spain call their money?

Since 2002 Spain has used the Euro as its currency. Before that the Spanish currency was the Peseta.

What money do Spain use?

The currency used in the country of Spain is the Euro. One Euro is equivalent to around 1.3 American dollars.

Does Spain have paper money?

Spain does not have paper money. The only thing is bills.

What is the main thing you would hear in Spain?

The main thing you hear in spain is "Money, Money Money! "

What is the type of money they have in Spain?

they have euros in Spain

How much money does Spain spends in the military?

how mich money does Spain spend on their military

Can you equate spain people with American money?

Spain people are not the same as American money.

What is the name of Spain money?

Spain is now part of the Euro, along with France, Belgium, and other European countries. The currency it used prior to this was the peso.

What form of money does Spain use?

euro, before joining the European union it used to be pesetas

What kind of money does Spain use?

Euro is the official money in Spain

What is the currency money in Spain?

Spain uses the Euro (EUR).

How much money is Spain worth?

Spain is worth about $9,000,000,000,000

What is money call in Spain?

Money is called dinero.

Why is Spain struggling with money?

Spain is struggling with money because it does not have enough things that they can buy with that money. this might be another reason. they don't have enough money to buy things.

What money does Spain have?


What is Spain used for?

spain is used for people to live in it

What type of money do they use in Spain?

The currency used in Spain is the euro. Eighteen countries that belong to the European Union Member States have adopted the euro as their form of currency. Spain changed over to the euro in 2002.

what is the hypothesis of the conditional statementIf I can save the money, then I will visit my aunt in Spain.?

I can save the money.