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In July of 1959, the first US casualties to the US Military Assistance Group in South Vietnam was reported.

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Q: What month did the Vietnam War begin?
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What day and month did the Vietnam War begin?

it started in1959 and i think 1974

Year by year how much money was spent by the US in the Vietnam War?

Begin with websites: Statistics about the Vietnam War & Vietnam War Time-Line

When did vietnam war begin?


What month did Vietnam war end?


What were the main reasons for the Vietnam war to begin?

Part of the cold war.

When did the Vietnam war drafting begin?

The draft existed BEFORE the war.

What year did Vietnam War begin?


What time is the Vietnam War begin?


Why did the Vietnam War begin and how did it end?

Alright. The Vietnam War begin because the U.S. president, Eisenhower didn't want communism to spread throughout the world and eventually to America. The war ended because the north and south of Vietnam signed a treaty.

What year did the Vietnam War begin?

Nineteen fifty nine

How did the Vietnam war begin?

people just wanted to fight

Why did the Vietnam war begin for America?

The Tonklin Bay incedent

What day did the Vietnam War begin?

November 1, 1955

Escalation of the war in Vietnam begin with what?

Tonkin Gulf Incident

Student unrest and Vietnam war?

The US Government was drafting about 40,000 men a month to fight the war in Vietnam; this caused unrest.

What month did the Revolutionary War begin?


Why did Australia begin a protest movement against the Vietnam War?

Because they are against war.

When did France begin to colonize Vietnam?

France colonized the whole of Vietnam in 1855 after the Sino-French War.

How did the Vietnam War between the US and Vietnam begin?

The war in South Vietnam began by infiltration (slowly like cancer). The war against North Vietnam commenced after the Tonkin Gulf incident (two sea battles in August '64).

In what year did president Johnson Americanization of the Vietnam war begin?


What happened to make the Vietnam war begin?

they were unaware of the obease people

The draft during the Vietnam War?

40,000 men a month in 1968.

What day and month did the Vietnam war end?

30 April '75.

What was the pay for an S2 in the Army in the Vietnam war?

100 bucks a month

What years were the vetnam war in?

Most historians choose the year 1961 to begin the Vietnam War.