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August after Emperor Augustus Caesar July is named after the Dictator Julius Caesar

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A month named after a Roman Emperor?

August is the only month named after a Roman emperor. It was named to honor Augustus Caesar. The month of July is named after Julius Caesar, but he was not an emperor.

Which month was named after a roman emperor?

August was named for the first Roman Emperor, Caesar Augustus

August is named for what famous roman?

The month of August is named in honour of the Roman Emperor Augustus

Which month is named after Roman Emperor?

August from emperor Augustus -Izz xx

Was the month of October named after a roman emperor?

Yes Octavia's is named after october

Which country named the month September?

The Roman Emperor named the month of September. It is named after the number seven because it was the seventh month of the calendar in use at that time.

Which month is named after a Roman Emperor?

August is named for Augustus Caesar, and July is named for Gaius Julius Caesar

What months are named for Roman Emperors?

July for Julius Caesar august for Augustus Caesar it was also called the Julian calendar after Julius Caesar Only one month is named after a Roman emperor and that is the month of August. The other months were/are named after gods or numerals. July was named after a Roman, Julius Caesar, but he was not an emperor and the month was only named for him after he had been declared a god.

What is the olde English meaning for the month of August?

It is named after the Emperor Augustus Caesar of Rome, The first Roman emperor.

What month is a roman emperor named after?

July is Julius Caesar.August is Augustus Caesar.

What is the origin of August?

The month august was named after Augustus, the founder and first emperor of the Roman Empire.

Which Roman Emperor gave his name to the 7th month of the year?

None. The seventh month of our year is July and is named after Julius Caesar. Julius Caesar was never an emperor.

What did the Roman Emperor Brutus wear?

There was no Roman emperor named Brutus.

What month is named after the Roman Emperor caesar augustus?

August. Doesn't Augustus sort of give it away?

How was August named?

It was named after a Roman emperor Augustus

Who was July named after?

The month of July (Julius in Latin) was named in the Roman Empire to honor Julius Caesar, same as August (Augustus) was named to honor the emperor Augustus.

Which month is named after a roman emporer?

August The Roman Emporer Augustus was named after the month August.

What does the abbreviation oct mean?

The abbreviation Oct is short for the month of October. October was named after the Roman emperor Octavus, and based on the Latin word for the number eight, as October was the eighth month in the Roman calendar.

What month is named for Octavian?

Octavian became the Emperor Augustus Caesar and the month of August was named for him.

Who was Constantinople named after?

Roman Emperor Constantine I.

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