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Q: What month was th first teddy bear made and what date?
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How do you date a teddy bear?

hump it duhhh!! =]

What can you give a girlfriend on Valentine's Day?

perfume, chocolate ,a teddy bear,dog, romantic date

Is a rose a good gift?

It depends on what the occasion is... If it's for a first date or something, then yes!! But if it's for you're girlfriend she may prefer a necklace or teddy bear...

Name something a kid might sneak into a sleepover party?

alcohol candy date teddy bear

Gifts for a date?

For a Girl:Flowers, Candy: Chocolate, Teddy Bear, Bracelet etc. NO RINGS (at least at first - rings mean commitments and you don't want to corner the person.)

What to give on valentines after only one date?

Something simple, like a single rose, a teddy bear, or candy is efficient enough

What comes first on a date the month or the day?

In US, the month comes first; in Europe, the day.

Im a teen your girlfriend and you havent been clicking like you use to she went to cheer camp for a week so you cant talk what should you do to get your relationship back on track?

I would go get flowers for her and a teddy bear tape the flowers to the teddy bear then give it to her and hug/ and or kiss her do something you did on your first date or something really remembered cause maybe it will help the "click"

What date was the gummy bear made?

The gummy bear was first made by haribo in 1922. It was introduced as the dancing bear, but later became the gummy bear.

First phagun 1980 what date of English month?

1st phagun is Indian month 1980 wat date of English month? pls some halp me

How do cycles work?

the cycle works from months to months when you record the date of the first month then the date of the other month then calculate the amount days are between the two month then you will know your cycle and the date it should come the other month.

Which month do you vote for the president election?

The date for this is the first Tuesday after the first Monday of the month of November every 4 years.

When did Vermeer do his first painting?

In the early 1650s - most of his paintings bear no date.

What date is July the first?

July is the seventh month of the year, and July the first is the first day of July.

What is First Legal Deadline date in FHA case?

last day of the six month. Extension can be requested after the first day of the seventh month

What is date of Punjabi month today?

what is date of punjabi month

What is Today date of Punjabi month?

what is date of punjabi month

What is Punjabi month date is today?

what is date of punjabi month

Ides of march falls on what date?

Falls on the 15th day of the month. The ides are on the 15th of the month and the calends are on the first.

On the first Saturday of which month was the first Kentucky Derby held?

The first Kentucky Derby wasn't held on the first Saturday of any month. Instead, it was held in the middle of the month. The specific date was May 17, 1875.

What date is the first Friday of the month of June in 2011?

June 3, 2011.

What is a calendar month?

A calendar month is a period of time from the date of one month to the same date of the next month.

How do you get the magazines for sana in sim girl?

In Order to get the 3 magazines you must take Kotomi to the following locations, give her the corresponding gifts, and must end as a successful date (one ending in a kiss). Blue mountain/Flowers Beach/Teddy Bear Movie Theater/Diamond ring -Blue Mountain- Flowers -Beach - Teddy Bear -

What is desi month date in pakistan?

today desi month date

Where are the magazines in sim girls full version?

1st: Take Kotomi on a date to blue mountain, give her flowers, and succeed in date2nd: Take Kotomi on date to Beach and give her teddy bear, and succeed in date3rd: Take Kotomi on a date to the movies, give her a diamond ring, and succeed in the date