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Jupiter has a total of 63 moons. A list has been linked to.

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Which five moons orbit Jupiter?

63 known moons orbit Jupiter.

Why doesn't Jupiter orbit its moons?

Jupiter doesn't orbit its moons because it has a greater mass than them.

How many moons does Jupiter have in its orbit?

about 67 moons:))))))

Could Jupiter orbit one of Mars moons?

No, the moons of Mars (Phobos and Phoebe) orbit Mars. Jupiter is another planet and has its own moons.

Does the moon orbit Jupiter?

Not our (the Earth's) moon but Jupiter has lots of its own moons that orbit it.

Explained simply how the moons stay in orbit around Jupiter?

The moons stay in orbit around Jupiter due to the gravitational pull of the planet. As of June 2014, Jupiter has 63 known moons.

What is the number of moons that orbit around Jupiter?

16 moons

How many moons orbit Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune and Pluto?

62 moons orbit Saturn, 67 orbit Jupiter, 5 orbit Pluto, 14 orbit Neptune, and 27 orbit Uranus.

What planets suround Jupiter?

Jupiter has 63 confirmed moons in orbit around it. No planets are in orbit around it, since they would then be classed as moons. The planets in orbit either side of Jupiter are Mars and Saturn.

Why do moons orbit Jupiter?

Moons orbit Jupiter because of the combined influence of gravity. and the forward motion of the moons. If there were gravity along, the moons would fall into Jupiter. If there were only forward motion, the moos would fly off into space.

How do the moons stay in orbit with jupiter?

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system and as such has a tremendous gravitational well. This gravity is what has enabled Jupiter to attract and keep in orbit its 67 moons.

Where are the Galilean moons located?

The Galilean moons orbit the planet Jupiter.

How mean moons are there orbit Jupiter?


Does Jupiter really have 66 moons?

Scientists have found 67 moons in orbit around Jupiter as of 2015.

What orbit has a dozens moons?

the planet that has the most amount of moons is Jupiter which has 67 moons

Why do the moons stay in orbit of Jupiter?

Gravity holds satellites in orbit.

Are there planets with galilean moons?

Only Jupiter, the Galilean moons are the four largest moons of Jupiter which Galileo discovered.The four satellites discovered by Galileo orbit Jupiter.

How are the moons of Jupiter similar to Earth?

Jupiter's moons orbit Jupiter much like Earth orbits the sun.

Does any planet orbit Jupiter?

No, planets orbit around the sun. There are over 60 moons that orbit around Jupiter though.

Where are all the galilean moons in the solar system?

The Galilean moons orbit Jupiter.

Are there any moons planets or satellites that orbit jupiter?

Yes. Jupiter has 67 known moons. No planets orbit Jupiter, as any planet-like object that orbits a planet is considered a moon.

Does any planets orbit Jupiter?

No. Jupiter is orbited by it's moons, but not by planets.

What planet do The moons of io europeganymedecallisto all orbit around?

They orbit Jupiter.

What are the distances of the four largest moons of Jupiter from Jupiter and the periods of their orbits around Jupiter?

the name of Jupiter's moons :Io 1.7 Earth days to orbit JupiterEuropa 3.5 earth days to orbit the JupiterGanymede 7.1 days to orbit JupiterCallisto 16.7 days to orbit JupiterIo is the nearest moon to Jupiter the Europa then Ganymede and the furthest away is Callisto

How many moons orbit Jupiter?

It is now known that there are 23 moons for the planet of Jupiter. For a long time it was believed that there were only 16 moons for this planet.