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I have the straight answer from the internet and my science teacher that light travels in the motion of waves.

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Does light energy travel in a wave motion?

Yes. Yes it does

How fast does light travel through wind?

ans2. Light is an electromagnetic phenomena, and is unaffected by the motion of air.

Why does light travel faster that sound in the air?

Sound requires the physical motion of material. Light doesn't.

How light travel through optical fiber?

Light travels through optical fibre with the phenomena of total internal refraction in zigzag motion

What is the motion of a light wave?

The light wave has a transverse motion

What motion does a circular wave travel in?

Circular Motion

How do you explain how light can travel through the vacuum of space?

Newtons 1st law, "An object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by another force." Basicly the photons travel through space gradually spreading out as they hit different particles.

An object in motion tends to in motion and travel in Objects at rest stay at rest?

Newton's law of motion states that an object in motion and travel stays in motion. It goes on to say that an object at rest stays at rest.

Why does time slow down at the speed of light?

Everything is relative and time is also relative. Light is the fastest speed in Universe It is impossible to travel faster than the speed of light. All the creation is in motion with a certain speed. Speed is the criteria of motion. Thus the fastest motion is directly related to the fastest speed which is speed of light. At the speed of light the motion is fastest and surrounding apparently stands, as it is relatively slower than light. The time factor is the passing of object from one location to other . At almost the speed of light, all other objects moving slower appears to be deceleration or coming to a virtual halt, giving an impression of time being slowed down. If you could travel with a seed of light for one year and return to your original base you will be surprised to know that 1000 of years have passed, but you have grown old by one year only. The speed travel slows down the time and covers incredibly large distances. The faster you travel the slower the time becomes. At speeds higher then speed of light the time goes into negative, meaning that you can travel into past at higher speed of light and can chose your past regulating the light speed factor.

Why light posses dual nature?

light travel as a wave but it carries photon which is consider to be a photon done function as a particle and wave motion made effect as wave.

How do you FM signals travel?

They travel in a back and forth motion

How does one travel faster than the speed of light?

No human or machine can travel the light of speed. No matter how close you are to the speed of light if you have all the thrust in the universe you cannot get going past the speed of light. The familiar notions of absolute space and absolute time independent of your relative motion must give way.

How many pages does The Motion of Light in Water have?

The Motion of Light in Water has 302 pages.

How do surface waves travel?

surface waves travel in an elliptical motion; :]

Does light always travel in a straight line?

Yes but there are few exceptions to this rule. Heatwaves create light to create a wiggling motion so that is possible. Mirrors also have an ability to chagne the direction of light but not to turn it around.

Who can we say light does not need to travel in medium?

how can we say light does not need light to travel

A joint's capacity to travel through a full range of motion is the definition for?

Flexibility-a joint's capacity to travel through a full range of motion.

What is the ISBN of The Motion of Light in Water?

The ISBN of The Motion of Light in Water is 0-87795-947-1.

What will happen if a man passes a electrmagnetic waves in speed of light?

A man can't travel at the speed of light.A man can't travel at the speed of light.A man can't travel at the speed of light.A man can't travel at the speed of light.

Does a light turning on or off set off a motion sensor?

It can, if the motion sensor has a daytime shut off photo cell installed in it. When a light is turned on and the motion sensor see the light it thinks it is daylight and shuts the motion detector off.

Does sound require time to travel?

Time is a measurement of motion. If it is in motion,time is associated with it.

How light will travel from medium air to silver?

Light will not travel into silver.

What can light travel in?

Light can travel in a vacuum or in any transparent material

How far in Light years can a Pulsar travel?

As far as light can travel

What do you need to travel at the speed of light?

There is no way to travel at the speed of light.