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The Founding Fathers lived under British rule, which did not allow for freedom, liberty or representation. This was the motivating factor for signing the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson was largely responsible for writing the Declaration of Independence.

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Q: What motivated the American Founding Fathers to sign the Declaration of Independence in 1776?
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What is the declaration of separation and independence summarized?

The Declaration of Independence is the founding document of the American history.

Why did the declaration of independence become part of the American creed?

The Declaration of Independence became part of the American creed as it was the basis of founding the nation. It contains all the relevant principles of the nation.

How did the Declaration of Independence influence the founding fathers?

The Declaration of Independence influenced the founding fathers. The Declaration outlined the rights colonists felt were most important to them.

Who supported The Declaration of Independence?

The founding fathers

What did the founding fathers do in independence hall?

Draft and sign the Declaration of Independence.

How many founding fathers did sign the declaration of independence?

Five Founding Fathers

What crime was commided by the founding fathers during the declaration of independence?

By signing the declaration, the founding fathers were comitting treason.

Did the founding fathers write the declaration of independence?


The people who signed the declaration of independence are known as what?

Founding Fathers

What was the freedom budget?

Our Founding fathers writing the Declaration of independence

What city did your founding fathers sign the declaration of independence?


Who was influenced by john Locke?

Thomas Jefferson and those who drafted the Declaration of Independence as well as the Constitution. The American Founding Fathers essentially.

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