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The settlers came to America for different reasons. Some were seeking religious freedom, others were looking for wealth and land.

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Q: What motives did the founding fathers have for coming to America?
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yes, our founding fathers knew that eventually the country would fall apart. And many U.S. citizens knew that the country would come crashing down.

How did Samuel Adams affect America?

Samuel Adams (September 27 [O.S. September 16] 1722 - October 2, 1803) was an American statesman, political philosopher, and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. ... Continued resistance to British policy resulted in the 1773 Boston Tea Party and the coming of the American Revolution.

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Who was Wentworth Chaswell?

Black elected official and politician who rode north while Paul Revere rode west to warn the revolutionaries that the British are coming. (to start) He held eight different elected positions, all in the late 1700's; considered amongst the founding fathers.

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How many founding fathers were Christian ministers or had degrees in Christian studies?

It depends upon who you ask and how they define 'founding fathers.' If we limit it to the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence only, then there was only one signer who was a minister: John Witherspoon. Most all people living in the 18th Century and coming from Western Europe, read the Bible - and most did so regularly. Children did so in school and were taught at home to read it. Getting a College/University degree in 'Christian Studies' to reflect this was not the norm amongst the founders.

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It is impossible to say when the first immigrants came to America. Immigrants have been coming to America for thousands of years. The Pilgrim fathers were immigrants. The people that came with Columbus were immigrants. Many other people had come to America long before Columbus and they were immigrants. The first people on the American continent were immigrants.

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Did the Pilgrims influence the Founding Fathers?

No. Religion didn't play a role because the founding fathers had seen the results of religion in the relationship to government and the abuses that came with it. They wanted to insure that there was no state religion and that the laws were secular in nature to make sure all people were treated equally under the law. Most of the founding fathers were also repeatedly refused to be swayed by religious opinion, but directly challenged the right of the church to interfere with secular matters. The belief that the US was founded as a Christian nation is held by those who think it is in danger of coming under the influence of non-Christians. In fact, it never was a Christian nation except in the most literal sense that most of the people who came were Christians. Not one word is said about Christianity in the Constitution nor is it in the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration refers only to " nature's God."

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The immigrants coming to America during the industrial revolution were mostly Europeans.

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