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What moves does Lugia learn?

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Lugia Learns Great moves.

but a great move set is Aeroblast, Hydrocannon, Sky Attack, and the last one can be your choice. mines is Fly, buy your decision on the fourth one

2012-01-14 17:12:15
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Q: What moves does Lugia learn?
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Can lugia learn water type moves?


Can Lugia learn electric type moves on Pokemon soul silver?

By TM, Lugia can learn Thunderbolt, Thunder, Shock Wave, Charge Beam, and Thunder Wave.

In Pokemon who'S better ho-ho or Lugia?

lugia is better because lugia can learn water type moves and ho-oh is a fire type.

What moves does lugia learn in Pokemon silver?

All i know is he learns punishment at level 50

What moves does Lugia learn'?

easy he learns poo shot his strongest move is poo smell

What moves does Lugia learn in Pokemon soul silver?

the moves that i have my lugia use are extrasensory,fly,aeroblast and hydro pump that way it is good even against grass type Pokemon which are super effective!

Who is better Rayquaza or Lugia?

raquazza is good because it can have fire type moves and is very powerful. lugia is faster but weaker and can learn various moves. they are both very good. it just depends on what you like.

What moves does Lugia learn leveling up?

It differs in each Generation. See Related link for each Generation. Note that Lugia didn't exist in Generation I

What moves does lugia learn in Pokemon Gold?

Lugia will learn Safeguard, Recover, Gust, Aeroblast, Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Swist, Whirlwind, AncientPower and Future Sight in Pokémon Gold.

Can Lugia learn hyperbeam?

Yes Lugia can learn Hyper beam

What level learn aeroblast to Lugia?

LEVEL 85 ______________________________________ Learn Lugia Aeroblast .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.

When does Lugia learn hydro cannon?

Lugia does not learn hydro cannon nor can learn hydro cannon.

What moves shall you learn to your Lugia?

the best moves i think lugia should be taught are these four1.FLY2.HYDRO PUMP3.AEROBLAST4.EXTRASENSORYi think this because it is weak against grass and rock types but with these moves and a good defense it wouldn't matter you would own everyone

What level does Lugia learn psychic?

Lugia can't learn psychic on its own, but you can teach it through TM29.

What level does Lugia learn icebeam?

Lugia doesn't learn Ice Beam through Leveling, but it can learn Ice Beam by using TM 13.

What moves do you need to get to Lugia?

pretty much all hm moves and flash

What level does Lugia learn Hyper Beam?

Lugia already has hyper beam you spasticI don't know what the person on top is speaking of. Lugia does not level up to learn Hyper Beam. You must use the TM 15 (Hyper Beam) so Lugia will learn it.

Does Lugia learn psychic in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Lugia doesn't learn psychic in Pokemon soul silver on his own. However, you can easily teach Lugia psychic if you have the move in your possession.

At what level does Lugia learn aeroblast?

Lugia learns Aeroblast at level 85.

Does Lugia learn dragon rush?


Shadow Lugia code?

there is none!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!idiot there is tho its only lugia with dark type/ghost moves!

Is lugia better than Ho-oh?

%200 Yes!! Because he can learn Hydro pump and a lot more powerful moves. And he has high defense.

What are good moves for Lugia?

aroblast , hydro pump sky power sky attack that's what my freakin lugia has

Pokemon platinum what level does Lugia learn aeroblast?

lugia learns aeroblast at lv89 or lv90

What moves does the Ho-Oh in coliseum learn that's different from the normal Ho-Oh eg the purified Shadow Lugia from XD knows Psycho Boost an attack it cant normally learn?