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Ailidh Mackay has: Played Singing Housemaid in "Atonement" in 2007. Played Gina in "The Academy" in 2009. Played Tigger in "Lip Service" in 2010. Played Anthea in "The Wicker Tree" in 2011. Played Gina in "The Academy: Special" in 2012.

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Phoebe Mackay has: Played Mrs. Abernathy in "Lights Out" in 1946. Performed in "Kraft Television Theatre" in 1947. Performed in "The Philco Television Playhouse" in 1948. Played Mrs. Haggerty in "Lux Video Theatre" in 1950. Played Mrs. Ben Kover in "Lux Video Theatre" in 1950. Played Sister Sara in "The Burglar" in 1957.

Edward MacKay has: Played Richard Burbank in "Clothes" in 1914. Played Frederick Augustus in "The Port of Missing Men" in 1914. Played Guy Bertram in "The Clue" in 1915. Played Henry Parker in "The Faded Flower" in 1916. Played Schuyler in "Man and His Angel" in 1916.

Annie Mackay has: Played herself in "Girls Behaving Badly" in 2002. Played Jamie in "Rehearsal Time" in 2004. Played Angel in "The Butcher" in 2006. Played Materna in "Mercy" in 2008. Played Sally Jenkins in "Cookies" in 2009. Played Girlfriend in "Cricket Moth Spider" in 2012.

Nancy MacKay has: Played Nurse Candy Lowe (1972-1973) in "Love of Life" in 1951. Played Amy in "Coming Apart" in 1969. Played Sheilah in "The Hospital" in 1971. Played Penny in "The Panic in Needle Park" in 1971. Played Sarah Nast in "The American Parade" in 1974.

Sarah Jane MacKay has: Played Herself - Election Games Participant in "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" in 1992. Played Alexis in "Zap" in 2002. Played Nurse in "Criminal Minds" in 2005. Played Anna in "Private Practice" in 2007. Played Katie in "Crimson" in 2007.

Andy Mackay has: Played himself in "Top of the Pops" in 1964. Performed in "The Old Grey Whistle Test" in 1971. Played himself in "Pop Quiz" in 1981. Played himself in "Roxy Music: Total Recall" in 1989. Played himself in "Roxy Music: Live at the Apollo" in 2003. Played himself in "Seven Ages of Rock" in 2007.

Norman MacKay has: Played Sandy in "The Knight Is Young" in 1938. Played Police Officer in "The Big Story" in 1949. Performed in "The Big Story" in 1949. Performed in "Treasury Men in Action" in 1950. Played Police Chief Ericson in "The Phil Silvers Show" in 1955. Played Doctor Gracey in "The Phil Silvers Show" in 1955.

Gerry Mackay has: Played Mechanic in "Fast Track" in 1997. Played Dr. Barrett in "First Wave" in 1998. Performed in "Cold Squad" in 1998. Played Medical Administrator in "Mysterious Ways" in 2000. Played Mr. Goodwin in "Supernatural" in 2005. Played Doctor in "Ties That Bind" in 2006. Played Marty Lento in "Painkiller Jane" in 2007.

Zack Heart has: Played Mackay in "Blue Heelers" in 1994. Played Outback Zack in "Planet X TV" in 1995. Played Himself - Host in "Planet X TV" in 1995. Played Skinny Skinhead in "Crackers" in 1998. Performed in "The Daily Buzz" in 2002. Played Outback Zack in "OUTBACK ZACK the Man from Downunder" in 2013.

Mary Mackay has: Played Mrs. Driscoll in "The Rovers" in 1969. Played Mrs. Sutcliffe in "Delta" in 1969. Performed in "Where Dead Men Lie" in 1971. Played Jane Morris in "Catwalk" in 1971. Played Mrs. Millbank in "The Alternative" in 1976. Played Mater in "Caddie" in 1976. Played Miss Edith Twist in "Harlequin" in 1980. Played Spinster in "Undercover" in 1984.

Al Mack has: Performed in "Consider Your Verdict" in 1961. Played Judge Garrity in "Hoodlum Priest" in 1961. Played Joe Mackay in "Consider Your Verdict" in 1961. Played Harry Hayes in "Homicide" in 1964. Played Harry Haines in "Homicide" in 1964.

Weyman Mackay has: Played Pathologist in "Passenger to Tokyo" in 1954. Played McKay in "Dixon of Dock Green" in 1955. Played Jamey in "Dixon of Dock Green" in 1955. Played Clerk of the court in "Boyd Q.C." in 1956. Played Judge in "Boyd Q.C." in 1956. Played Beaumont in "The Court Martial of Major Keller" in 1961. Played Airport Policeman in "Play It Cool" in 1962.

No. After two failed TV projects a live action movie was planned in the 1990s but never happened.

Cyril Mackay has: Played Dick Weston in "The Mystery of the Black Pearl" in 1912. Performed in "A Silent Witness" in 1912. Performed in "The Eleventh Hour" in 1912. Played Edgar Ferguson in "Within Our Gates" in 1915. Performed in "Remorse, a Story of the Red Plague" in 1917. Played Jim Conroy in "The Man from Snowy River" in 1920. Played Sgt McIntyre in "The Kelly Gang" in 1920. Played Stephen Manners in "The Betrayer" in 1921.

Rouna Daley has: Played Sally in "Love Thy Neighbour in Australia" in 1979. Played Elaine MacKay in "A Country Practice" in 1981. Played Mrs. Jenko in "A Country Practice" in 1981. Played Mrs. Young in "Home and Away" in 1988. Played Glenda Sinclair in "All Saints" in 1998.

Isabel West has: Played Mrs. Harris in "The Blue Envelope Mystery" in 1916. Played Lady Inglehart in "Kitty MacKay" in 1917. Played Mrs. Cardross in "The Firing Line" in 1919. Played Mrs. Poore in "The Price of Possession" in 1921. Played Mrs. Clark in "Old Home Week" in 1925.

How Can I Put A Movie That I Made On TV?

Spencer Abbe has: Performed in "Krui-TV" in 2004. Performed in "Point of No Return" in 2009. Played Dante Valentino in "No Shame TV" in 2012. Played Clark in "No Shame TV" in 2012. Performed in "No Shame TV" in 2012.

Brigid Mackay has: Played Sister Wilson in "Play for Today" in 1970. Played Lady at Donkey Sanctuary in "Grange Hill" in 1978. Played Katinka in "The Birds Fall Down" in 1978. Played Cook in "The Ghost Sonata" in 1980. Played Mrs. Cobb in "Maybury" in 1981. Played Working Class Woman in "The Road to 1984" in 1984. Played Bridget in "Mitch" in 1984. Played Shopkeeper in "Interference" in 1985. Played Blowzy Lady in "A Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery" in 1987. Played Country woman in "Clarence" in 1988.

Romano Luiz has: Played Major Jonnant in "TV de Vanguarda" in 1952. Played Jake in "TV de Vanguarda" in 1952. Performed in "TV de Vanguarda" in 1952. Performed in "TV Teatro" in 1958. Played Graiger in "TV Teatro" in 1958.

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The Brooklyn Bridge played themselves as singers in "The Hollywood Palace" in 1964 and in "Della" in 1969.

The book Private Peaceful was made into a movie which was released in October 2012. The movie was directed by Pat O'Connor and starred George Mackay and Samuel Bottomley.

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