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What movie and television projects has Alexandra Ackerman been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:34AM

Alexandra Ackerman has: Played Nurse in "Days of Our Lives" in 1965. Played Faith in "Meat Wagon" in 2001. Played Bridget in "Less Than Perfect" in 2002. Played Lilith in "A Candle in the Dark" in 2002. Performed in "Conjure" in 2003. Played Cleopatra in "Plan B" in 2005. Played Holt in "Creepies 2" in 2005. Played Zita in "Rearranged" in 2005. Played Lucy in "My Confession" in 2007. Played Veronica in "Interstate" in 2007. Played Receptionist in "Nick Romero: One Good Sin" in 2008. Played Rita Coolidge in "Celebrity Ghost Stories" in 2008. Played Sophia in "Sunset Sunrise" in 2008. Played Rum Girl in "Brushing Teeth in Undies: The Best of Liv Films" in 2008. Played Bartender in "The Investigator" in 2010. Played Woman on phone in "Sidewalk Symphony" in 2010. Played Maude in "The Brothers Cannibal" in 2010. Played Maude in "The Brothers Cannibal" in 2012. Played Samantha in "Just in Case" in 2012. Played Woman in "Double Feature" in 2013.