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What movie and television projects has Alvin Aki been in?


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March 26, 2014 2:05AM

Alvin Aki has: Played Mr. Bui in "Dr. G: Medical Examiner" in 2004. Played Ninja Grandmaster in "Ninjas vs. Pirates" in 2007. Played Hiroshi in "Toshiro" in 2009. Played Chainsaw guy in "RoboDoc Dissected the Making of RoboDoc" in 2009. Played Dr. Sosume in "RoboDoc" in 2009. Played Chung in "The Ah of Life" in 2010. Played Hiroshi in "Toshiro" in 2010. Played Hungry Tiger in "City of Refuge" in 2010. Played Dr. Aki in "Stories of the Paranormal Episode 9: No Second Chances" in 2010. Played Dr Melbourne in "Doomsday County" in 2010. Played Alvin in "The Call Center" in 2012. Played Cheng in "The Caribbean Heist" in 2013. Played Dragomir in "Legend of the Red Reaper" in 2013.