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What movie and television projects has Anthony Adornetto been in?


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March 26, 2014 2:08AM

Anthony Adornetto has: Played himself in "Last Comic Standing" in 2003. Played Boyfriend in "I Suspect a Watermelon of Sleeping with My Girlfriend" in 2006. Performed in "Pump Fake" in 2006. Played Andy Seemis in "Fast Food Mystery Shoppers" in 2006. Played Eddie in "Beer Pong: Behind the Glory" in 2007. Played Creepy Guy in "Creepy Guy" in 2007. Played Personal Trainer in "Homoerotic Trainer" in 2009. Played Keith Pumpernagle in "Clifford Lurge: Inaugural Planner" in 2009. Played Dr. Mikey in "Hard Times in HWood" in 2010.