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What movie and television projects has Bec Asha been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:44AM

Bec Asha has: Played Elena in "Blue Heelers" in 1994. Played herself in "Recovery" in 1996. Played 57-0938923 in "Neoplasia" in 2004. Played Susie in "Neighborhood Botch" in 2004. Played Fantasy Fan in "Hating Alison Ashley" in 2005. Played Party Girl in "Smacked Out Kisses" in 2005. Played Girl in "The Chase" in 2005. Played Pocahontas in "The Extra" in 2005. Played Real Estate Receptionist in "Kick" in 2007. Played Sandra in "The Bloody Incident" in 2008. Played Meth Addict in "Conan" in 2010. Played Yoga Babe in "Conan" in 2010. Played Emily Pierce in "The Coming of Age of Emily Pierce" in 2011. Played Winona Suspect in "Vanished" in 2011. Played Marion Kelly in "Mindseye" in 2012. Played Laura in "Across Town" in 2013. Played Stacey Marlow in "The Cheerleader Diaries" in 2013. Played Linda Kasabian in "Bigger Than the Beatles" in 2014.