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What movie and television projects has Bree Anthony been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:45AM

Bree Anthony has: Played Laurie in "Lickity-Split" in 1974. Played Ellen in "Ape Over Love" in 1974. Performed in "More" in 1975. Played Claudia in "Satan Was a Lady" in 1975. Played Sue in "Highway Hookers" in 1975. Performed in "Wet Rock" in 1975. Played The French Maid in "Sexteen" in 1975. Played Abby in "Anyone But My Husband" in 1975. Performed in "Sherlick Holmes" in 1975. Played Antea in "Oriental Blue" in 1975. Played Peggy in "When a Woman Calls" in 1975. Played Russian Agent in "Baby Oil" in 1975. Played Young Couple in "The Double Exposure of Holly" in 1976. Played Gail in "Winter Heat" in 1976. Played Chris in "The Taking of Christina" in 1976. Played Lisa in "Honey Pie" in 1976. Played Elizabeth in "Street Girls of New York" in 1976. Played Girl on Bridge in "Cracked Ice" in 1976. Played First Fantasy Girl in "My Erotic Fantasies" in 1976. Performed in "Thunderbuns" in 1976. Played Patty LaRue in "The Divine Obsession" in 1976. Played Tweedledum in "Alice in Wonderland: An X-Rated Musical Fantasy" in 1976. Played Prostitute in "Midnight Desires" in 1976. Played Joanne in "One Last Fling" in 1976. Played Carol in "Reunion" in 1977. Played Sex Servo in "Invasion of the Love Drones" in 1977. Played Nora in "Beach House" in 1981.