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What movie and television projects has Ces Aldaba been in?


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March 26, 2014 2:07AM

Ces Aldaba has: Played Owner in "May pulis, may pulis sa ilalim ng tulay" in 1989. Played Dodong in "Maalaala mo kaya" in 1991. Played Lolo ni Claire in "Maalaala mo kaya" in 1991. Played Domeng in "Maalaala mo kaya" in 1991. Played Reporter in "Pido Dida 3: May kambal na" in 1992. Played Policeman in "Inay" in 1993. Performed in "Ang pamana" in 2006. Played Mang Enteng in "Baliw" in 2007. Played (2007) in "Kamandag" in 2007. Played Tiyo ni Esme in "My Monster Mom" in 2008. Played Chef Aniza in "My Big Love" in 2008. Played Nick Jose in "Chronicle of Wasted Lives" in 2009. Played Man 1 in jeep in "Pera-perahang lata" in 2009. Played Karlos in "Padre de pamilya" in 2009. Played Politician in "Fidel" in 2009. Performed in "1017: Sa paglaya ng aking salita" in 2009. Played Judge Lapuz in "Lola" in 2009. Played Lasenggo 3 in "Emir" in 2010. Played Zaldy in "Laruang lalake" in 2010. Played Mr. Huerto in "Vox Populi" in 2010. Played Doctor in "Mara Clara" in 2010. Performed in "The Natural Phenomenon of Madness" in 2011. Played Bishop in "Aparisyon" in 2012. Performed in "Kamera obskura" in 2012. Played Hukom in "Katipunan" in 2013.