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What movie and television projects has Coit Albertson been in?


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March 26, 2014 2:07AM

Coit Albertson has: Played Paul Wright in "The Masked Dancer" in 1915. Played Herbert Osborne in "For Freedom" in 1918. Played Lester Mason in "The Carter Case" in 1919. Played Charles Selby in "Wits vs. Wits" in 1920. Played Mr. Reynolds in "Why Girls Leave Home" in 1921. Played George Johnson in "The Silver Lining" in 1921. Played Hamilton Graves in "Sunshine Harbor" in 1922. Played Morgan Spencer in "Serum of Evil" in 1922. Played Jack Weston in "Face to Face" in 1922. Played Gene in "The Woman in Chains" in 1923. Played Robert Lewis in "The Empty Cradle" in 1923. Played Curtis Wilbur in "Restless Wives" in 1924. Played Count Ferrari in "Lend Me Your Husband" in 1924. Played Bill Brennon in "The Average Woman" in 1924. Played Dr. Carvel in "The Sixth Commandment" in 1924. Played Chapman Griswold in "Those Who Judge" in 1924. Played Victor Bronson in "The Substitute Wife" in 1925. Played Julian Lewis in "Scandal Street" in 1925. Played Serge Verlaine in "The Mad Dancer" in 1925. Played Pierce Ferring in "Ermine and Rhinestones" in 1925. Played Malverni in "Casey of the Coast Guard" in 1926. Played Frank Arnold in "The Jazz Girl" in 1926. Played Denver Dan in "The Return of Boston Blackie" in 1927. Played Minor Role in "Love Me Forever" in 1935. Played Clerk in "Clive of India" in 1935. Played Soldier of the 17th Company in "Under Two Flags" in 1936.