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What movie and television projects has Cristela Alonzo been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:37AM

Cristela Alonzo has: Played herself in "Last Comic Standing" in 2003. Played Herself - Musical guest in "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" in 2005. Played herself in "Live at Gotham" in 2006. Played Herself - Comedian in "Stand-Up 360: Muy Caliente Edition 2" in 2009. Played herself in "Ladies Night Out" in 2010. Played Herself - Comic Guest in "Conan" in 2010. Played Herself - Comic in "Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution" in 2011. Played herself in "Legally Brown" in 2011. Played Bathroom Attendant in "Ladies Room Diaries" in 2011. Played Cristela in "The Book Club" in 2012. Played herself in "The Half Hour" in 2012. Played Cobra Chai in "The Book Club" in 2012.