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What movie and television projects has Dallas Adams been in?


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March 26, 2014 2:06AM

Dallas Adams has: Played Professor Howard Foster in "Doctor Who" in 1963. Played Nightclub guest in "The Wednesday Play" in 1964. Played Reggie in "Strange Report" in 1968. Played Nick in "The Fenn Street Gang" in 1971. Played 2nd Police Official in "The Abominable Dr. Phibes" in 1971. Played Felix in "Frankenstein: The True Story" in 1973. Played Kim Parsons in "Marked Personal" in 1973. Played Brother Martin in "The Donati Conspiracy" in 1973. Played Douglas Sadler in "Thriller" in 1973. Played Duke of Buckingham in "The Fortunes of Nigel" in 1974. Played Ron in "Village Hall" in 1974. Played 2nd young male new flat owner (segment 1 "The Gate Crasher") in "From Beyond the Grave" in 1974. Played Sam in "Space: 1999" in 1975. Played Graham in "Running Blind" in 1979. Played Wolf Kapinsky in "The Lost Tribe" in 1980. Played Advocate in "Bergerac" in 1981. Played Dana Gibson in "Nancy Astor" in 1982. Played Watson in "Oxbridge Blues" in 1984. Played Peter Verdelet in "Robin of Sherwood" in 1984. Played Roche in "Mr. Palfrey of Westminster" in 1984. Played Pearson in "Gulag" in 1985. Played Evans in "C.A.T.S. Eyes" in 1985. Played Leeson in "Pulaski" in 1987. Played MC at Strip Club in "King Ralph" in 1991. Played Professor Howard Foster in "The Flames of Sarn" in 2010.