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What movie and television projects has Edward Alexander been in?


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March 26, 2014 2:08AM

Edward Alexander has: Played Friday in "Robinson Crusoe" in 1913. Played Rev. I.M. Goode in "What Happened to Freckles" in 1913. Played Rev. I.M. Goode in "How Freckles Won His Bride" in 1913. Played The Father in "The Kid" in 1913. Played Henry Ganton in "The Great Ganton Mystery" in 1913. Played The Burglar in "While the Children Slept" in 1913. Played The False Friend in "The Faith of Two" in 1914. Performed in "Goaded by Jealousy" in 1915. Played Steve Martin in "The Terror of the Fold" in 1915. Performed in "Back of the Shadows" in 1915. Performed in "The Curse of the Black Pearl" in 1915. Performed in "The Arm of the Law" in 1915. Performed in "The Broken Glass" in 1915. Played A Young Doctor in "The Greater Power" in 1915. Performed in "The Keeper of the Flock" in 1915. Performed in "The Sand Rat" in 1915. Played Singh in "The Heart of Tara" in 1916. Played Jack Barrow in "North of Fifty-Three" in 1917. Played David in "The Chosen Prince, or The Friendship of David and Jonathan" in 1917. Played Kingsley Royce in "The Wild Strain" in 1918. Played George Harnash in "By the World Forgot" in 1918. Played Philip Armond in "The Girl from Beyond" in 1918. Played Robert Brainard in "In Judgment of..." in 1918. Played Jones, a Sailor in "The Island of Intrigue" in 1919. Played Percival in "Putting It Over" in 1919. Played Abner in "The Heart of Youth" in 1919. Played Jarvis in "Love Insurance" in 1919. Played Martin Burke in "Secret Marriage" in 1919. Played Watson Flint in "The Saphead" in 1920.