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What movie and television projects has Fasitua Amosa been in?


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March 26, 2014 2:10AM

Fasitua Amosa has: Played Operator in "The Fanimatrix: Run Program" in 2003. Played Matthew in "The Insiders Guide to Happiness" in 2004. Played Lead Player in "The Comedy Pilots" in 2005. Played (2007) in "The Millen Baird Show" in 2007. Played Dr. Lima in "The Tattooist" in 2007. Played Officer Oki in "Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board" in 2007. Played Gavin in "Legend of the Seeker" in 2008. Played Jacko in "Go Girls" in 2009. Played MRI Technician in "Bloodlines" in 2010. Played Additional Voices in "Far Cry 3" in 2012. Played Fasitua in "Auckland Daze" in 2012. Played Tavita in "Airmail" in 2013. Played Joseph Schmidt in "Harry" in 2013. Played Sione in "Agent Anna" in 2013. Played Ricky Thomas in "The Ex Men" in 2014.