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What movie and television projects has Georgine Anderson been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:42AM

Georgine Anderson has: Played Magistrate in "Dixon of Dock Green" in 1955. Played Angela Waite in "Private Investigator" in 1958. Played Det. Con. Lucy Worth in "No Hiding Place" in 1959. Played Mrs Pattison in "ITV Sunday Night Drama" in 1959. Played Eunice Watts in "Coronation Street" in 1960. Played Receptionist in "Undermind" in 1965. Played Elisabetta in "The Queen and the Rebels" in 1966. Played Sister Thomas in "Sanctuary" in 1967. Played Mrs. Forde in "Armchair Thriller" in 1967. Played Mrs. Allinson in "ITV Playhouse" in 1967. Played Mrs. Smith in "ITV Playhouse" in 1967. Played Mrs. Bishop in "Special Branch" in 1969. Played Mrs. Kellaway in "The Main Chance" in 1969. Played Helen Hughes in "A Family at War" in 1970. Played Bettina von Breitkopf in "Biography" in 1970. Played Helen Childers in "Play for Today" in 1970. Played Mrs. Franklin in "Play for Today" in 1970. Played Mrs. McKay in "Upstairs, Downstairs" in 1971. Played Beryl in "The Organization" in 1971. Played Mrs. Croft in "Persuasion" in 1971. Played Mrs. Whittaker in "Crown Court" in 1972. Played Health Visitor in "Villains" in 1972. Played Jane in "Thriller" in 1973. Played Nora in "Marked Personal" in 1973. Played Bertha Starling in "A Pin to See the Peepshow" in 1973. Played Dorothy Graham in "The Hanged Man" in 1975. Played Sister Bernard in "Angels" in 1975. Played Rose Rutherford in "Angels" in 1975. Played Marigold in "The Glittering Prizes" in 1976. Played Mrs. Holland in "Love for Lydia" in 1977. Performed in "BBC2 Play of the Week" in 1977. Played Miss Rice in "Esther Waters" in 1977. Played Marjory Clifford in "Enemy at the Door" in 1978. Played Miss Gaunt in "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" in 1978. Played Miss. Richards in "A Family Affair" in 1979. Played Winifred Probert in "Cribb" in 1980. Played Joyce Cameron in "Take the High Road" in 1980. Played Woman in "From a Far Country" in 1981. Played Sybil Wainwright in "Never the Twain" in 1981. Played Margaret Holman in "Cousin Phillis" in 1982. Played Countess Fosco in "The Woman in White" in 1982. Played Matron in "Secrets" in 1983. Played Pauline Oxlade in "Auf Wiedersehen, Pet" in 1983. Played 2nd Woman in "Invitation to the Wedding" in 1983. Played Lena Henderson in "Taggart" in 1983. Played Mrs. Rennie in "Storyboard" in 1983. Performed in "Sharing Time" in 1984. Played Mrs. Hobhouse in "The Jewel in the Crown" in 1984. Played Christine Turner in "Time for Murder" in 1985. Played Mrs Bullett Finch in "Blott on the Landscape" in 1985. Played Elsie Mont in "Screen Two" in 1985. Played Brenda Gayton in "Casualty" in 1986. Played Aunt Lily in "Harem" in 1986. Played Lillian Hogarth in "Casualty" in 1986. Played Mrs. Turner in "Campion" in 1989. Played Mistress Odingsells in "In Suspicious Circumstances" in 1991. Played Mrs. Stewart in "Murder Most Horrid" in 1991. Played Minnie Bateson in "Heartbeat" in 1992. Played May Harkness in "Century Falls" in 1993. Played Barbara Prout in "Wycliffe" in 1994. Played Old Lady in "Midnight Movie" in 1994. Played Rosemary Wood in "Midsomer Murders" in 1997. Played Mrs. Goddard in "An Unsuitable Job for a Woman" in 1997. Played Gwynneth Sweetland in "Jonathan Creek" in 1997. Played Madge Fielding in "Midsomer Murders" in 1997. Played Alice Mason in "Holby City" in 1999. Played Miss. Price in "The Infinite Worlds of H.G. Wells" in 2001. Played Miss Treeves in "The Cazalets" in 2001. Played Muriel in "All About George" in 2005. Played May in "Doctor Who" in 2005. Played Enid Peachment in "Inspector George Gently" in 2007. Played Cecilia Cade in "Whitechapel" in 2009.