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What movie and television projects has John Aasen been in?


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March 26, 2014 2:03AM

John Aasen has: Played Giant Swordsman in "Long Fliv the King" in 1926. Played Giant in "The Sting of Stings" in 1927. Played Shorty in "Legionnaires in Paris" in 1927. Played The Giant in "Two Flaming Youths" in 1927. Performed in "Say Uncle" in 1928. Played Circus giant in "Growing Pains" in 1928. Played Junior in "The Show of Shows" in 1929. Played Giant in "Freaks" in 1932. Played Circus giant in "Carnival" in 1935. Played Giant in "Bengal Tiger" in 1936. Played Giant Man in "Charlie Chan at the Circus" in 1936. Played Colosso in "Harold Lloyd Comedy Collection: Mini Biographies" in 2005.