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What movie and television projects has John Alansu been in?


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March 26, 2014 2:06AM

John Alansu has: Played Chinese Caretaker in "Rush" in 1974. Played Chinese Captain in "The Pirate Movie" in 1982. Played Jose in "Far East" in 1982. Played Ah Lee in "All the Rivers Run" in 1983. Performed in "Special Squad" in 1984. Played Skipper in "Cyclone Tracy" in 1986. Played Mr. Chang in "Barracuda" in 1988. Played Thai Police Sergeant in "Bangkok Hilton" in 1989. Played Brian Kee in "The Saint: Fear in Fun Park" in 1989. Played Ah Lee in "All the Rivers Run 2" in 1990. Played Nagasyu in "Stark" in 1993. Played Mr. Xu in "Halifax f.p." in 1994. Played Mingh in "Flipper" in 1995. Played Albert Lee in "Love Serenade" in 1996. Performed in "Race the Sun" in 1996. Played Mr. Watts in "Water Rats" in 1996. Played Park Ranger in "The Place of the Dead" in 1997. Played Dr. Norman Chen in "Without Warning" in 1999. Played Hong in "Dogwatch" in 1999. Played Dr. Walter Lee in "Change of Heart" in 1999. Played Hairdresser in "Erskineville Kings" in 1999. Played Tuan in "In the Red" in 1999.