What movie and television projects has Josh Albee been in?

Josh Albee has: Played Mike Bishop in "Lassie" in 1954. Played Mike Holden (1972-1974) as Joshua Albee in "Lassie" in 1954. Played Chad in "Gunsmoke" in 1955. Played Michael in "Gunsmoke" in 1955. Played Bobby Murphy in "Sealab 2020" in 1972. Played Lexie Markham in "The ABC Afternoon Playbreak" in 1972. Played Caleb in "Jeremiah Johnson" in 1972. Played Son in "Police Story" in 1973. Performed in "The Addams Family" in 1973. Played Tony Baker (1980) in "The Young and the Restless" in 1973. Played Tom Sawyer in "Tom Sawyer" in 1973. Played Oliver Twist in "Oliver Twist" in 1974. Played Boy with Radio in "Earthquake" in 1974. Played Johnny Miles in "The Runaways" in 1975. Played Bo in "The Family Holvak" in 1975. Played Ernie Rothchild in "Isis" in 1975. Played Tom Pullman in "The Quest" in 1976. Played Struthers in "Helter Skelter" in 1976. Played Charlie in "Project U.F.O." in 1978. Played David Guettner in "A Question of Love" in 1978. Played Art Waldon in "Code Red" in 1981.