What movie and television projects has Justin Rodgers Hall been in?

Justin Rodgers Hall has: Played Bailiff in "General Hospital" in 1963. Played himself in "Oz" in 1997. Played himself in "Charmed" in 1998. Played Harmony Officer Holt in "Passions" in 1999. Played DC Officer in "The District" in 2000. Played Kylar in "Odyssey 5" in 2002. Played Dr. Porter in "Bullethead" in 2002. Played Detective Hall in "Hollywood Homicide" in 2003. Played Rebel Soldier in "Tears of the Sun" in 2003. Played Haitian Passenger in "The Terminal" in 2004. Played ER Doctor in "Untold Stories of the ER" in 2004. Played Cop in "I, Robot" in 2004. Played Party Guest in "A Lot Like Love" in 2005. Played Domingus in "Battleground: The Art of War" in 2005. Played Prisoner in "Shackles" in 2005. Played Clone in "The Island" in 2005. Played Fraternity Brother in "Sleeper Cell" in 2005. Played Shop Patron in "Barbershop" in 2005. Played HS Student in "Coach Carter" in 2005. Played Sports Fan in "Rebound" in 2005. Played Senator in "Brotherhood" in 2006. Played Parent in "Akeelah and the Bee" in 2006. Played Concierge in "Dreamgirls" in 2006. Played Vampire in "Vampire Secrets" in 2006. Played Lt. Meredith in "Comet Impact" in 2007. Played Dr. Hall in "General Hospital: Night Shift" in 2007. Played Hector in "Zorro: La espada y la rosa" in 2007. Played SWAT Officer in "Final Approach" in 2007. Played Prison Guard in "Street Kings" in 2008. Played Terrorist in "The Onion Movie" in 2008. Played NecroMutant in "Mutant Chronicles" in 2008. Played Assistant DA in "Raising the Bar" in 2008. Played Hitman in "Staten Island" in 2009. Played Starfleet Security Officer in "Star Trek" in 2009. Played Big John in "Shadowheart" in 2009. Played Sgt. Harris in "The Soloist" in 2009. Played himself in "The Ugly Truth" in 2009.