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What movie and television projects has Lynne Adams been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:35AM

Lynne Adams has: Played Linda Laws in "Night Heat" in 1985. Played Kara in "Adderly" in 1986. Played Iris in "One Police Plaza" in 1986. Played Francoise Chagnon in "Street Legal" in 1987. Played Eleanor in "Ford: The Man and the Machine" in 1987. Played Edwina in "Wild Thing" in 1987. Played Reporter in "Street Smart" in 1987. Played Julie in "Un zoo la nuit" in 1987. Played Alice Jarett in "The Carpenter" in 1988. Played Sharon in "Blood Relations" in 1988. Played Jessica in "Cruising Bar" in 1989. Played Nina in "Urban Angel" in 1991. Played Narrator (English version) in "Le singe bleu" in 1992. Played Mitch in "Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives" in 1992. Played Claire in "Sirens" in 1993. Performed in "Without Fear" in 1993. Played herself in "Variations on a Familiar Theme" in 1995. Played Rosie in "Vents contraires" in 1995. Played Yakuza with Rocket Launcher in "Johnny Mnemonic" in 1995. Played Anna in "Silent Hunter" in 1995. Played Reporter in "Hiroshima" in 1995. Played Narrator in "Faces of the Hand" in 1996. Performed in "Making Momentum" in 1996. Played Maggie in "The Call of the Wild: Dog of the Yukon" in 1997. Played Tara Fisher in "Habitat" in 1997. Played Del Rainman in "Dead Innocent" in 1997. Played Aileen in "Frankenstein and Me" in 1997. Played Lorrie in "The Ultimate Weapon" in 1998. Played Laura Carmichael in "Twist of Fate" in 1998. Played Social Worker in "Dead Silent" in 1999. Played Callahan in "The Witness Files" in 1999. Played Marylin Stone in "Airspeed" in 1999. Played Det. Samantha Parks in "Requiem for Murder" in 1999. Played Colleague in "Possible Worlds" in 2000. Played Additional Voices (2000) in "For Better or for Worse" in 2000. Played Additional Voices in "For Better or for Worse" in 2000. Performed in "For Better or for Worse" in 2000. Played Ellie in "Nowhere in Sight" in 2001. Performed in "Within These Walls" in 2001. Played Prosecutor in "Hidden Agenda" in 2001. Performed in "Wizardry 8" in 2001. Played Paula in "Obsessed" in 2002. Played Tina Robbins in "Aftermath" in 2002. Played E.R. Nurse in "Timeline" in 2003. Played Vendeuse au sex shop in "3 x rien" in 2003. Played DA Milletti in "Student Seduction" in 2003. Played Sophie in "Les liaisons dangereuses" in 2003. Played Post Mistress in "Chasing Holden" in 2003. Performed in "11 Somerset" in 2004. Played Marguerite the Landlady in "Naked Josh" in 2004. Played Dr. Bloom in "Stranger at the Door" in 2004. Played Head ER Nurse in "Noel" in 2004. Played Carla MacDonald in "A Killer Upstairs" in 2005. Played Ellen in "Human Trafficking" in 2005. Played FBI Agent Lawton in "Time Bomb" in 2006. Played Dr. Aitchinson in "The Rival" in 2006. Played Lisa in "Les hauts et les bas de Sophie Paquin" in 2006. Played Christine in "Toi" in 2007. Played Mother in "Combustible" in 2007. Played Carolyn Maloney in "A Life Interrupted" in 2007. Played Doctor in "Sophie" in 2008. Played Pat in "40 Is the New 20" in 2009. Played President Caldwell in "Splinter Cell: Conviction" in 2010. Played Travailleuse Social in "Sortie 67" in 2010. Played Miss Biggs in "Dog Pound" in 2010. Played Beverley in "Par Avion" in 2012. Played Reine-Marie Gamache in "Still Life: A Three Pines Mystery" in 2013.