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What movie and television projects has Marie Ault been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:47AM

Marie Ault has: Played Liza Ann in "Class and No Class" in 1921. Played Nannie in "A Prince of Lovers" in 1922. Played Undetermined Role in "If Four Walls Told" in 1922. Played Landlady in "The Grass Orphan" in 1922. Played Mrs. Adair in "Paddy the Next Best Thing" in 1923. Played Henrietta in "Woman to Woman" in 1923. Played Old Prue in "The Starlit Garden" in 1923. Played Sheelah in "The Colleen Bawn" in 1924. Played Mere Colline in "The Rat" in 1925. Performed in "Children of the Night No. 2" in 1925. Played Mere Colline in "The Triumph of the Rat" in 1926. Played Mrs. Hawthorn in "Hindle Wakes" in 1927. Played Aunt in "Mademoiselle from Armentieres" in 1927. Played Mrs. Hurst in "The Silver Lining" in 1927. Played The Landlady in "The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog" in 1927. Played Belotte in "Madame Pompadour" in 1927. Played Mme. Rappard in "Dawn" in 1928. Played Isidora in "Life" in 1928. Played Mother in "Victory" in 1928. Played Countess in "Yellow Stockings" in 1928. Played Grannie in "The Rolling Road" in 1928. Played Mrs. Dale in "A Daughter in Revolt" in 1928. Played Ma in "Nachtgestalten" in 1929. Played Sarah Greenwood in "Kitty" in 1929. Played Martha Jaikes in "Downstream" in 1929. Played Sarah Sterling in "Contraband Love" in 1931. Played Mrs. Midge in "Third Time Lucky" in 1931. Played Mrs Cherry in "Peace and Quiet" in 1931. Played Mrs. Hudson in "The Speckled Band" in 1931. Played Miss Woods in "Maid Happy" in 1933. Played Ma in "Money for Speed" in 1933. Played Cook in "Their Night Out" in 1933. Played Mrs. Tring in "Daughters of Today" in 1933. Performed in "Song at Eventide" in 1934. Played Mrs. Swid in "Swinging the Lead" in 1934. Played Maggie Spooner in "Windfall" in 1935. Played Aunt Jane in "Lend Me Your Wife" in 1935. Played Nonnie in "Tropical Trouble" in 1936. Played Mrs. Sanderson in "Owd Bob" in 1938. Played Coach Passenger in "Jamaica Inn" in 1939. Played Mrs. Darling in "The Fame of Grace Darling" in 1939. Played Mrs. Jike in "Love on the Dole" in 1941. Played Bit Role in "You Will Remember" in 1941. Played Rummy Mitchens in "Major Barbara" in 1941. Played Woman Customer in "Freedom Radio" in 1941. Played Mrs. Tweedle in "The Missing Million" in 1942. Played Mrs. Jones in "The Demi-Paradise" in 1943. Played Mrs. Metcalfe in "We Dive at Dawn" in 1943. Played Madame in "It Happened One Sunday" in 1944. Played Cook in "Blithe Spirit" in 1945. Played Egyptian Lady in "Caesar and Cleopatra" in 1945. Played Liz in "Twilight Hour" in 1945. Played Mrs. Dale in "Carnival" in 1946. Played Grandma Blake in "They Knew Mr. Knight" in 1946. Played Flower Seller in "Wanted for Murder" in 1946. Played Beattie in "The Three Weird Sisters" in 1948. Played Old Gypsy in "Blanche Fury" in 1948. Played Nun in "Madness of the Heart" in 1949. Played Mother-in-Law in "Cheer the Brave" in 1951.