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Marty Gage has: Played Pete in "Enough for Two" in 2005. Played Bennie in "Bloodline" in 2006. Played Various in "Off-Centre Television" in 2006. Played Agent Mueller in "Q-Case" in 2008. Played Buddy Clarke in "Underdogs: Born to Lose" in 2009. Played CIA Operative in "Human Target" in 2010. Played Darryl in "No One Gets Hurt" in 2010. Played CCAA Official in "Hellcats" in 2010. Played Audience Member in "Hiccups" in 2010. Played Desk Cop in "Life Unexpected" in 2010. Performed in "Hitman 101" in 2011. Played Gary in "Arrow" in 2012. Performed in "Jigsaw" in 2013.

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Q: What movie and television projects has Marty Gage been in?
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Howard Gage has: Performed in "The Stolen Code" in 1914. Performed in "The Old Maid" in 1914. Performed in "Bill Spoils a Vacation" in 1914. Performed in "The Exposure" in 1914. Performed in "Over the Ledge" in 1914. Performed in "The Joke on Yellentown" in 1914.

What movie and television projects has Frank Gage been in?

Frank Gage has: Played Pvt. Frank Gage in "Rough Seas" in 1931. Performed in "The Tabasco Kid" in 1932. Performed in "Arabian Tights" in 1933. Performed in "Sherman Said It" in 1933. Played Member of Camping Trio in "Midsummer Mush" in 1933. Played Frank in "Luncheon at Twelve" in 1933.

What movie and television projects has Ali Gage been in?

Ali Gage has: Played Trucker Chic in "Falling Sky" in 1999. Played Beach Reporter Ali in "The Princess Diaries" in 2001. Played Waitress in "Joy Ride" in 2001. Played Sarah in "Did You Ever" in 2003. Played Ellie in "Something Old, Something British" in 2005.

What movie and television projects has Gage Grishaw been in?

Gage Grishaw has: Played Student on bus in "Fatal Flaw" in 2008. Played Boy in "Birthday Psalm" in 2011. Played Inmate in "Vanishing Point" in 2011. Played Jewish Refugee in "Banks of the Vltava" in 2011. Played Member of Congregation in "Secrets in the Snow" in 2012. Played Citizen in "The Carrington Event" in 2013.

What movie and television projects has Neal Gage been in?

Neal Gage has: Played Newsie in "The Wrong Brother" in 2000. Played Jimmy in "Eternal Peace" in 2009. Played Zeke Hyland in "Storage Town" in 2011. Played Neal in "Twelve Hungry Men" in 2012. Played Cop in "The Toy Box" in 2014. Played Pastor Ezra Young in "The Truth" in 2015.

What movie and television projects has Brad Gage been in?

Brad Gage has: Performed in "In the Future" in 2007. Played Ron McNally in "Out of My Head" in 2010. Played Husband in "Not Tonightie" in 2011. Played Guy Gardner in "The Death and Return of Superman" in 2011. Performed in "Bubala Please" in 2012. Performed in "The Real World: Whiterun" in 2013. Played Tony T in "New York Stories" in 2013.

What movie and television projects has Leona Gage been in?

Leona Gage has: Played Maria Richter in "Lock Up" in 1959. Played Minor Role in "Bells Are Ringing" in 1960. Played Morella (segment "Morella") in "Tales of Terror" in 1962. Played Call Girl in "A House Is Not a Home" in 1964. Played Kathy in "Scream of the Butterfly" in 1965. Played Actress in "The Oscar" in 1966.

What movie and television projects has Easton Gage been in?

Easton Gage has: Played Boy in "Providence" in 1999. Played Young Boy in "Angel" in 1999. Played Jonah in "Judging Amy" in 1999. Played Francis at 5 in "Malcolm in the Middle" in 2000. Played Sam Eidenberg in "Citizen Baines" in 2000. Played Young Kid in "The O.C." in 2003. Played Hunter in "Summerland" in 2004.

What movie and television projects has Joseph Boulle been in?

Joseph Boulle has: Performed in "Mea culpa" in 1919. Performed in "Le remous" in 1920. Played M. Decoeur in "Le gage" in 1920. Played Daniel in "La hurle" in 1921. Performed in "Le porion" in 1921.

What movie and television projects has Bob Mundy been in?

Bob Mundy has: Played Foreman in "The Bold and the Beautiful" in 1987. Played The John in "Passions" in 1999. Played Singer in "Privileged" in 2008. Played Gage Professional in "Obsessed" in 2009. Performed in "Project Broken Rose" in 2015.

What movie and television projects has Nicholas Myles been in?

Nicholas Myles has: Played Michael in "Mort-Gage" in 2010. Played Hank Hood in "The Red Hood" in 2011. Played Gary in "Every Good Boy Does Fine" in 2012. Played Steven in "Cosplaygirl" in 2012. Played Myles in "Room for Two" in 2013.

What movie and television projects has Jay Howlett been in?

Jay Howlett has: Played Players in "Washington: Man and Myth" in 1999. Played General Gage in "The April Conspiracy" in 2001. Played Frontiersman in "Degrees of Latitude" in 2004. Played Tavern Customer in "The Industrious Tradesmen" in 2005. Played Passenger in "Remember the Ladies" in 2006.

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