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What movie and television projects has Patricia Alphin been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:37AM

Patricia Alphin has: Played Minor Role in "Tangier" in 1946. Played Ms. Buckley in "The Mysterious Mr. M" in 1946. Played Palace Maiden in "Night in Paradise" in 1946. Played Messenger Girl in "Idea Girl" in 1946. Played Receptionist in "Lover Come Back" in 1946. Played Cynthia Bradford in "White Tie and Tails" in 1946. Played Young Girl in "Buck Privates Come Home" in 1947. Played Native Girl in "Song of Scheherazade" in 1947. Played Secretary in "The Web" in 1947. Played Fashion Show Model in "Something in the Wind" in 1947. Played Miss Weber in "Time Out of Mind" in 1947. Played Waitress in "Larceny" in 1948. Played Guest in "Up in Central Park" in 1948. Played Pretty in "Letter from an Unknown Woman" in 1948. Played Minor Role in "Mexican Hayride" in 1948. Played Secretary in "Ma and Pa Kettle" in 1949. Played herself in "Del Courtney and His Orchestra" in 1949. Played Nancy Johnson in "West of Laramie" in 1949. Played Kit in "Six-Gun Music" in 1949. Played Sue in "The Gal Who Took the West" in 1949. Played Townsperson in "The Return" in 1980.