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What movie and television projects has Rachel Alig been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:35AM

Rachel Alig has: Performed in "Hot Tub Sleeper Picks" in 2009. Played Desiree Dream Girl in "Ice Cream Rap" in 2011. Played Tammy in "Rope" in 2011. Played Dancer in "Pocket Dial" in 2011. Played Contestant in "Axe: Dirtcathlon" in 2011. Played Rochelle DuMont in "Beverly Hills Ghost Club" in 2011. Played Miss Leone in "Handsome Police" in 2012. Played Alice in "Bikini Spring Break" in 2012. Played Megan Bell in "La Verdad: Beginnings" in 2012. Played Bambie in "The Elisted" in 2012. Played Bambi in "The Men Next Door" in 2012. Played Amanda Castleberry in "Cleaver Family Reunion" in 2013. Played Sara in "Insomniac Theatre" in 2013. Played Sunshine in "Thirtyish" in 2013. Played Evelyn in "Good Karma Club" in 2014. Played Vivian in "Smeared Lipstick" in 2014. Played Chelsea Watkins in "Ghostline" in 2014. Performed in "Ask Me No Questions" in 2014. Played Qarina in "Hope: The Last Paladin" in 2014. Played Adele in "Heavy Makeup" in 2014. Played Heather Sprague in "Love and Something Like It" in 2015.