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What movie and television projects has Raquel Elizabeth Ames been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:39AM

Raquel Elizabeth Ames has: Played Nurse in "Desire" in 2006. Played Officer Carter in "Resurrection Mary" in 2007. Played Heather I in "A Room with Three Views" in 2010. Played Laura 2 in "Back Splash" in 2011. Played Layla in "See Dad Run" in 2012. Played Bank Teller in "Hardflip" in 2012. Played Comedian in "In Search of an Exit" in 2013. Played Sadie in "Remembering Happily Ever After" in 2013. Played Elizabeth Slater in "The Widow" in 2014. Played Det. Darla Starr in "Ghostline" in 2014.