What movie and television projects has Robin Halstead been in?

Robin Halstead has: Played Angus Phillips in "Crown Court" in 1972. Played Roger Carter in "Doctor in Charge" in 1972. Played Gilbert Blythe in "Anne of Green Gables" in 1972. Played Second Student in "Doctor in Charge" in 1972. Played Guido in "Cheri" in 1973. Played S.S. Photographer in "Voyage of the Damned" in 1976. Played Kolle in "Dickens of London" in 1976. Played Balthasar in "Romeo and Juliet" in 1976. Played Major Andrews in "Wings" in 1977. Played Robin Sackett in "Cross Now" in 1977. Performed in "Marie Curie" in 1977. Performed in "Life Begins at Forty" in 1978. Played Pettyfoot in "Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson" in 1980.