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What movie and television projects has Yixuan An been in?


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March 26, 2014 1:40AM

Yixuan An has: Performed in "Kong shou dao shao nu zu" in 2003. Played Ouyang Qian in "Che Shen" in 2006. Played Zhao Min (2009) in "Yi tian tu long ji" in 2009. Played Wan Qing in "Die Xue Gu Cheng" in 2010. Played Xuan Xuan in "Fei Cheng Wu Rao 2" in 2010. Played Bai Gu Jing in "Xi you ji" in 2011. Performed in "Case Sensitive" in 2011. Performed in "Rhapsody of Marriage" in 2012. Played herself in "Unmade in China" in 2012.