What movie is playing at the end of Introducing Lorelai Planetarium when Luke is flipping through the channels?

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The Philadelphia Story
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Why are the channels on your tv flipping?

Answer . \nIf you have a satellite dish, press the satellite(sat) button on your remote. If problem persists, check the manual or call the company. If you have cable, ask your cable provider.

What movies are Luke Benward in?

Luke Benward plays in the following movies:. Minutemen (as Charlie). How To Eat Fried Worms (as Billy). Because Of Winn Dixie (as Stevie Dewberry). Mostly Ghostyly: Who Let The Ghosts Out? (as Nicky). Diamond Dog Caper (as Owen). There might be a few more that I didnt list but I know hes in th ( Full Answer )

What movies has Luke Benward had been in?

Luke Benward was in 5 movies, one to come. List as follows: "We were soldiers" as David Moore (2002) "Family Affair" as Jody Davis (2002) "Because of Winn-Dixie" as Stevie Dewberry (2005) "How to Eat Fried Worms" as Billy Forrester (2006) "Miutemen" (on Disney Channel) as Charlie Tuttle (2008) and " ( Full Answer )

What song was playing when Ross and Rachel had their date at the planetarium?

According to other on-line sources it was a library piece that sounded like the U2 song With or Without You. They used it because they did not have time to secure the rights to the song before the episode was aired and then put the actual song in the next episode (when Ross makes a request for it to ( Full Answer )

What is in a planetarium?

Planetariums are usually domed theaters with rows of chairs arranged for people to sit comfortably while watching a video or demonstration about astronomy that is played by a projector and, often times, controlled by an operator.

What movies have Luke Benward been in?

Luke Benward has been in these films;. "We were soldiers" as David Moore (2002) . "Family Affair" as Jody Davis (2002) . "Because of Winn-Dixie" as Stevie Dewberry (2005) . "How to Eat Fried Worms" as Billy Forrester (2006) . "Miutemen" (on Disney Channel) as Charlie Tuttle (2008) "Diamo ( Full Answer )

What movies has Luke Benward been in?

Luke Benward has been in the movie mostly ghostly because of winn dixie minuteman how to eat fried worms i thimk that is all for now oh and dear john

What movie introduced Luke Skywalker?

That's to easy! A New Hope Another answer: 1. You have spelt too wrong 2. If you mean in number order it's actually Revenge Of The Sith 3: If you mean in movie order it's Star Wars, not A New Hope because it wasn't called A New Hope when it came out, just Star Wars.

In what season of Gilmore Girl's does Lorelai and Luke date?

the last epside of season 4 all throug season 5 and 6. Lorelai and Luke kissed in the season finale of Season 4. They go on their first date in Season 5 Episode 3, titled 'Written in the Stars'. This is also the first episode that they sleep together. They date until 5.13, 'Wedding Bell Blues'. How ( Full Answer )

What song is playing at the end of the movie two can play that game?

I have checked the soundtrack...It is not on it. Unfortunate, because that is a sweet song!!! update Love will be waiting at home written by Kenneth Edmonds performed by For Real From Waiting to exhale soundtrack courtesy of Artista Records Inc. dope song!

Radiohead play a song at the end of what movie?

\n. \nThey used 15 step at the end of Twilight\n. \nExit music is at the end of Romeo and Juliet. (Talk Show Host also features)\n. \nSeveral tracks are used in 'A scanner Darkly', Black swan by Thom Yorke is in the final credits\n. \nThe Prestige also features a yorke song at the end\n. \nVani ( Full Answer )

Flipped movie going to be made?

YES! Production starts this summer (2009) and it is set to be released in 2010.. Producers: Rob Reiner, Alan Greisman Director: Rob Reiner Writer: Rob Reiner, Andy Scheinman LA Casting Directors: Jane Jenkins NY Casting Directors: Jeff Mitchell & Jennifer Rudolph Start Date: 6/29/09 Loc ( Full Answer )

What happens at the end of flipped the book?

Right when Julianna realizes that she no longer has feelings for Bryce after some events, he starts falling for her. During the picnic boy lunch Bryce has a sudden impulse to kiss Julianna but she refused. After the kiss that never happened, Bryce tries to contact Julianna and triess to do everythin ( Full Answer )

Why did lorelai dump Luke?

Lorelai didn't dump Luke until the 6th season when she broke off the engagement because he wouldn't elope with her. However, Luke broke up with her because he was jealous of christopher, but they obviously got back together.

What is the song that plays at the end of the movie Frequency?

I got this from www.imdb.com. I know its the song at the end of the movie.. "When You Come Back to Me" Written by Jenny Yates and Garth Brooks Performed by Garth Brooks Produced by Allen Reynolds Garth Brooks appears courtesy of Capitol Records

How do you play flip mulch on binweevils?

you have to click on a row with your colour in one block and it will flip round the first one to fill the top row and the first column.

What is the end of freelancer. you played the game after you through out nomad what you have to do?

If you are talking about vanilla Freelancer (unmodded), just as Edison Trent says it, "Now... if I could just get a Sidewinder Fang..." your ship lands on Planet Manhattan and the game becomes freeplay. All that you can do is apply for missions, do some more exploring of systems that were not covere ( Full Answer )

What did Luke go through in order to write the Gospel of Luke?

Early church fathers attribute the Gospel of Luke to the apostlePaul's companion, "Luke, the beloved physician, and Demas, greetyou." Colossians 4:14. Irenaeus, who was a disciple of Polycarp, inturn who was a disciple of the Apostle John, firmly supported thisposition, as did Clement of Alexandria, ( Full Answer )

Why do aircraft have flipped up wing ends?

The edges of airplane wings cause vortices, in other words, a trail of air turbulence, usually in a spiral pattern. It was discovered that this actually adds extra "drag" on the airplane (wind resistance that the airplane must push through). Engineers found that by adding these "winglets", or "wingt ( Full Answer )

How do you play Voltorb Flip?

There are twenty-five spaces in a five-by-five grid. Each space has a 1, a 2, a 3, or a Voltorb behind it. At the end of each row and column are two numbers. One number gives the total of all the numbers in that row. If you lose, you just lose the coins that you could have earned in that game. Get t ( Full Answer )

Is the book flipped a movie coming out?

flipped is a amazing book made by wendalen vandrenen and will be made into a movie and the opening day is august 6 2010 and shortly maybe the sequal to flipped will come out and in the sequal u will see every last detail will fill ur questions

What happened to Luke Skywalker after the movies?

Tons of things happened. A couple I know of is that he made a newJedi Order and he married Mara Jade Skywalker and they had a sonnamed Ben Skywalker, in honor of Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi. Disney declared that the extended universe after Return of the Jediwas no longer canon. None of it has been re-writ ( Full Answer )

Do luke and lorelai stay together in the Gilmore Girls?

Alas, no they did not stay together because Lorelai gave Luke an ultimatum and then went and slept with Christopher when he said no. Lorelai married Christopher, but only for a short time because she realized that even without Luke, Christopher wasn't the one. Luke and Lorelai did get back together ( Full Answer )

What movies has Luke Wilson been in?

Year Film Role . 1996. Bottle Rocket. Anthony Adams. 1997. Bongwater. David. Telling Lies in America. Henry. Best Men. Jesse Reilly. Scream 2. 'Stab' Billy. 1998. Dog Park. Andy. Home Fries. Dorian Montier. Rushmore. Dr. Peter Flynn. 1999. Kill the Man. Stanley Simon. Bl ( Full Answer )

Which movie actor is Luke Skywalker?

Mark Hamill played Luke Skywalker in Episodes IV through VI Aidan Barton played both baby Luke and baby Leia in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. His father, Roger Barton, was one of the editors for the movie.

Why is music played at a end of a movie?

why not?.................... maybe it sums up the movie in a way that words can't explain or maybe its just so u have something to hear as the credits roll by, and not total scilence.

What Disney channel movies did Hilary Duff play in?

Hilary duff was in :Lizzie maguire,Lizzie maguire movie, cadet kelly , she was also in abc family which is Disney she was in a Cinderella story and beauty and the briefcase

What movie was Luke Skywalker playyed in?

Luke Skywalker was in all 3 original trilogy films: A New Hope (as it's named today), The Empire Strikes Back , and Return of the Jedi . Luke Skywalker was played by actor Mark Hamill who is currently famous for voicing bad guy characters, including Firelord Ozai from the TV series Avatar: The ( Full Answer )

What song plays at the end of the SpongeBob movie?

If you mean the awesome part when spongebob turns into a guitar playing wizard, it's called goofy goober rock. It's a spin off on the song I wanna rock by twisted sister.

What movie is Luke Skywalker from?

Luke Skywalker was featured in the original Star Wars trilogy. These films are now known as Star Wars episodes IV, V, and VI since the release of a prequel trilogy.

Who are some of the actors in the movie Flipped?

Some of the actors in the move Flipped includes Madeline Carroll, Callan McAuliffe, Rebecca De Mornay, Penelope Ann Miller, Anthony Edwards, Aiden Quinn, Cody Horn, and more.

When did Disney introduce the Disney channel?

Disney Channel was first launched as 'The Disney Channel' on April 18, 1983. In 1988, it omitted the term "The" from it's title to become just "Disney Channel".

What channel is The Movie Channel in Houston?

It depends on the cable system that a customer has. On AirNet it is channel412. For Warner, The Movie Channel can be found on channel 219. For Verizon it is located at channel 150 and for Comcast it would be found at channel 204.

Who does Lorelai from Gilmore girls end up with?

Lorelai is a character from the television series Gilmore Girls. She ends up with Luke with whom she first dated in season four. The two had an on and off relationship during the entire series.

How did Luke end the Acts of the Apostles?

In the Acts of the Apostles, Luke does not tell us the story of all the apostles. A few are mentioned here and there. Luke concentrates mainly on the Apostle Peter and the Apostle Paul. The latter part of the book is the Apostle Paul's part in spreading Christianity, and so Luke ends the book by tel ( Full Answer )

Where did Luke begin and end his gospel?

A: By placing the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke in parallel andreading them synoptically ('with the same eye) in the originalGreek language, scholars have established that the Gospels ofMatthew and Luke were substantially based on Mark's Gospel. So, Luke contains much of the narrative of Mark ( Full Answer )

What movie and television projects has Lorelai Givemore been in?

Lorelai Givemore has: Performed in "Thick n Chunky Fat Freakz 1" in 2007. Performed in "BBW Slumber Party 1" in 2008. Performed in "Heavyweight Cumtenders 2" in 2008. Performed in "Thick BBW Forum: The Movie" in 2008. Performed in "Heavy Loads 2" in 2008.