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What movie took place at a guy's mansion where there were kids that came over and the guy was able to paint or draw on his wall and the wall came to life and the kids interact with it?

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June 11, 2010 3:11PM

There were two television shows remotely similar. JON GNAGY"s art studio or learn to draw. Though pictures did not actually interact. the cartoon Tennessee Tuxedo and his Tales had the lead characters Tennessee Tuxedo ( Pengun) and Chumley ( a walrus) consult with Mr. Whoopee ( a scientist of sorts) who used the 3 D Black Board or 3-D BB as a prop to explain various concepts, before sending the pair along in their adventures- some good educaitonal elements here- this was all cartoon, though not live action. I have already described Mr. Gnagy, who taught the dogma of the Five Platonic solids- and that nobody could draw in perspective without hammering away on these fundamentals- Sphere , Cube, cone, cylinder, and Pyramid- odd thing the Egyptians, who knew all about pyramids- did NOT draw in perspective.