What movies have similar themes as Romeo and Juliet?

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West Side Story was based on the play. As was Romeo Must Die.. If you think about it, Twilight also has similar themes such as forbidden love, Family strife, not fitting in to your lover's world, etc.
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Themes of romeo and Juliet?

Fate/Inevitability Love/Love at first sight Hatred Remorse Fickleness Ambition Family Submission Hierarchy Power of fathers Defiance Frienship Power of love

Theme of Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo and Juliet had a few themes. The most common themes are loveversus lust, hate versus love, the role of fate, the role of womenduring the time.

What is the theme song of Romeo and Juliet?

I believe it is called "A Time for Us", (or A Place for us). I could hum the tune for you, but humming doesn't come through answers.com . I also think the writers were Fera

What is the theme song for Romeo and Juliet?

the theme song is a time for us lyrics:. a time for us some day there will be a new world a world of shining hope for you and me!!!!for you and me for you and me !!!!!...

What are some songs with themes similar to those in Romeo and Juliet?

Too many ! there are too many songs dealing with so-called Suicide pacts among (young lovers) I"ll name a few: Running Bear ( not about nudism), Love me Forever, a classic son

Is light a theme for Romeo and Juliet?

I would say darkness is most fitting for that play. Just, the desparity of the two lovers, and then the ending. Maybe, fading light, yes.. \nI don't think so, that is if yo

What are 5 movies that have the same theme as Romeo and Juliet?

The Return of the Native Lovespell aka Tristan & Isolde Anne of the Thousand Days A Walk With Love & Death What Matters Most Brother Sun, Sist
In Romeo and Juliet

What are the themes and motifs in Romeo and Juliet?

ligt and dark as well as parent and child relationships Parents and children and the struggle of young people to make their own choices in the face of parents' vested inter