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All muscles. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to move, you blonde. ;)

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What muscles can you control?

a muscle that you control is an voluntary muscle and a muscle that you don't control is a ... you guessed it a involuntary muscle

Which muscle do you control smooth muscle or skeletal muscle?

You are in direct control of skeletal muscle.

Can you consciously control smooth muscle?

NO you cannot consciously control smooth muscle. It is an involuntary muscle. extra info: you can control the skeletal muscle but you cannot control cardio and smooth muscles :)

What is the difference between thevoluntry muscle and the involuntry muscle?

An involuntary muscle is a muscle you have no control over. An involuntary muscle is you heart or lungs. You breathe and you heart beats, but you can not control it. A voluntary muscle is a muscle that you control like your legs. You have control over when you walk. I like doin' yo mom

What is difference between a voluntary muscle and an involuntary muscle?

The Voluntary muscle is a muscle that you can control. e.g. Leg or arm. The Involuntary muscle is a muscle that you can not control. e.g. heart.

What is a muscle that you control?

A voluntary muscle.

What is the muscle that you can control?

voluntary muscle

Which muscles can you consciously control?

You CAN consciously control: skeletal muscle You CANNOT consciously control: smooth muscle & cardio muscle

Is the cardiac muscle under voluntary control?

No. Only skeletal muscle is under voluntary control, not smooth muscle or cardiac muscle.

What is a muscle that you control called?

voluntary muscle

What kind of muscle can you cant control?

involuntary muscle

What is the muscle that causes Involuntary muscle control?

Your brain.

What is a muscle that is not under conscious control?

An involuntary muscle

What is a voluntary muscle?

Voluntary muscle is the one we can control. For example, the skeletal muscle.

What is the difference between the voluntary and the involuntary muscle movement?

Vouluntary muscle is under your conscious control, the involuntary muscle is not under your conscious control.

Is the cardiac muscle under involuntary control?

Yes it has an involuntarty control just like the smooth muscle

What muscle tissue is voluntarily controlled?

cardiac muscle No. It`s skeletal Muscle. How can you control cardiac muscle?

What kind of muscle can you control?

You can control voluntary muscles.

What muscle is primarily under conscious control?

Skeletal muscle

Is stomach muscle is voluntary muscle?

we canot control that muscles

Is the soleus muscle a voluntary or involuntary muscle?

voluntary, you control what it does.

Do muscle relaxants affect birth control?

There are no known drug interactions between muscle relaxants and birth control.

What is the difference between voluntary muscle and involuntary muscle?

You can't control involuntary muscles but you can control voluntary muscles.

How would you describe the voluntary muscles?

Any muscle you can control like your arm (you can control most of the muscles in your body). Any muscle you can't control is an involuntary muscle. The only one i can think of is a penis.

Type of muscles tissue that you can control?

You have control over all striated skeletal muscles. You can not control smooth muscle fibers and cardiac muscle tissues.

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