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The Deltoid Muscle

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Q: What muscle is The triangular muscle that helps to lift your arm above your head is?
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The triangular muscle that helps you lift your arm above your head is?

The trapezoids, or 'traps' as they are better known

Large triangular muscle helps you raise your hand above your head?

This is, if on the shoulder, probably the deltoid.

What triangular muscle help you lift your arm above your head?

That is the deltoidus muscle, or simply 'deltoid' muscle. In the Greek alphabet, the letter 'delta' is a triangle shape.

What does the muscle tissue in your stomach do?

it helps develope my big head

What head muscle helps you bite a carrot stick?


What does muscle tissue do in your stomach?

it helps develope my big head

Which is The name of the muscle that helps us to lift things over the head?

The Deltoid Muscle It's the Deltoid muscle maybe the triceps

What is the muscle that helps move the arm over the head?

deltoid, pectoralis, trapz

What type of head shape the cottonmouth has?

A Triangular Shaped Head Does Not Mean A This is the head of a venomous Cottonmouth. vipers do have a characteristic and relatively triangular head shape.

What is the superolateral part of the cranium?

As you touch the area of your temple region about as high as your ear straight forward towards the nose you can feel the muscle there which can be found easily by clenching your jaw repetitively, go to the top of the muscle towards the peak of your head about two inches above the edge of the muscle and that is the supperiorlateral part of the cranium. Often injuried in a head trauma. Hope that helps.

What is a creature that has a long triangular head?

You. :)

What kind of snake is a solid orange snake with a somewhat triangular head?

triangular head means venomous so stay away

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