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The quadriceps muscle which is at the front of the thigh

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Q: What muscle raises the leg?
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What corresponding muscle does leg raises go to?

The gluteus maximus muscle is main muscle worked in leg raises.

What muscle does the leg raises benefit?


Do leg raises help you lose fat?

no but it does build muscle

What muscle group does Leg Raises belong to?

your lower abdomin

What are some exercises you can do to strengthen your calf muscle?

There are a variety of exercises someone could do to help strengthen their calf muscle. Single-leg and double-leg calf raises are a great exercise for your calves as well as stretching and running.

why Match the exercise with the muscle or muscle group it exercises?

Bench Press - Pectorals Leg Raises - Abdominals Pushdowns - Triceps Machine Back Press - Shoulders

What muscles are used in leg raises?

Leg muscles.

The name of the muscle that raises the hair is?

Arrector pili is the muscle the raises hair. This is taught in health class.

Muscle that raises and lowers scrotum?

The cremaster muscle.

What is a levitator muscle?

A muscle that raises or elevates a part.

What is the name of a facial muscle that raises the eyebrow?

The Frontalis muscle .

What muscle raises the forearm?


How is a leg muscle like a heart muscle cell?

The structure of the leg muscle is similar to the heart muscle in their makeup. There are studies that have shown that leg muscles can be injected into the heart.

The muscle that raises the eyebrows and wrinkles the skin of the forehead is the?

voluntary muscle

Can side leg raises make your hips wider and bigger?

Side leg raises dont make your hips wider. Take a look at Ballerinas. They spend most of their time doing side leg raises. Sitting on the couch eating 1/4 ers will.

How do you gain weight in your legs?

You really don't gain weight in your legs but you can build the muscle in them by doing a lot of squats , calve raises, and leg presses on a weight sled.

Does side leg raises makes hips bigger?

no they don't, they slim your hips! that person is wrong ^ yes, it does, because you are working the muscle out, and muscles get bigger when you work them out obviously.

What muscle is in the back of your leg?

There are three muscles in the back of your leg. The Quadriceps muscle, Hamstring muscle and the Gluteus Maximus.

A muscle that raises a body part?


What muscle raises the lower jawbone?

The masseter

What muscle lowers and raises you shoulders?


What is the antagonist when doing side leg raises?


The muscle that raises the eyebrow and wrinkles the skin of the forehead is?

occipito-frontalis muscle

What joints the leg to the leg bone?


What muscle do heel raises work?

The heel raise exercise works your calf muscles, which are two separate muscles. The first is the gastrocnemius muscle, which is the outermost calf muscle on the back of your lower leg. Your soleus muscle is the second part of your calf muscle and rests underneath the gastrocnemius. However, the soleus is slightly wider than the gastrocnemius.