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What muscles are involved in lateral raises?

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Deltoids specifically---If you keep your palms parallel to the floor, medial deltoid. If you raise the front of your hand higher than the back (thumb facing up-very common) you transfer the tension to the anterior deltoid. trapezius also work into it. Biceps/triceps/forearms are used slightly as ancillary muscles-assumming you are using freeweights.. I am a former personal trainer. any ?'s

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Muscles involved in Cervical Lateral Flexion?


What muscles are involved when you clench your teeth?

Muscles of mastication (chewing) are the temporalis masseters and the medial and lateral pterygoid muscles

Muscles that helps you chew?

Muscles involved in chewing are the masseteres, temporalis, and medial and lateral pterygoids.

What is the intended action of the primary muscles used in hanging leg raises?

trunk flexion lateral trunk flexion

How do you strengthen your deltoids?

I do Front Raises for the Anterior Deltoid, Lateral Raises for the lateral head, and Rear Delt for the Posterior Head.

What muscles are involved in lateral rotation of the humerus?

The rotator cuff muscles: Supraspinatus Infraspinatus Teres Minor Supscapularis Easily remembered as SITS.

Which muscle compartment is involved in eversion joint movement?

Peroneal group of muscles are involved in eversion joint movement. This compartment lies lateral side of leg. These muscles are supplied by common peroneal nerve.

What muscles are used in leg raises?

Leg muscles.

Muscles lateral flexion of neck?

scalene muscles

An alternative exercise for the barbell upright row?

lateral raises..

What are various muscles assisting in mastication?

The four main muscles involved in mastication, or chewing, are the masseter, the temporalis, the medial pterygoid and the lateral pterygoid. Muscles associated with the hyoid, such as the sternohyomastoid, also helps to open the jaw.

What are the muscles that raises the eyebrows?


What are some easy exercises for the arms?

Some easy exercises for arms include biceps curls, upright rows and lateral raises. Lateral raises involve raising your arms until they are parallel to the floor.

How can you build up the muscles on your upper body?

Workout the major muscles of your upper body if you want muscles in your upper body 1. Bench Press, Dumbbell Press - Chest 2. Pull Ups & Lat Pull Down - Lats 3. Military Press & Lateral Raises - Shoulder

What muscles are involved in shoulder joint abduction?

Supraspinatus muscle (first 20 degrees), Medial Deltoid (beyond 20 degrees). This is the reason why many weight lifters, performing Lateral Shoulder Raises 'bounce' or 'flick' the weight at the beginning of the movement when fatigued or the load is too heavy - to circumvent the weak suprasinatus

What are some frontal plane exercises?

sidebends, lateral raises & jumping jacks.

List the muscles of the quad in order from most lateral to medial?

Whit is quad muscles

What muscles are used in toe raises?

Tibialis Anterior

Muscles for chewing?

There are 4 muscles that assist in the chewing process. These muscles are the masseter, temporalis, medial pterygoid, and the lateral pterygoid.

Where do the extrinsic muscles of the hand originate from?

The extrensic muscles of the hand originate from the lateral epicondyle of the humerous

What are the muscles used in mastication?

Masseter muscle Medial and lateral pterygoid muscles Temporalis muscle

What is the function lateral corticospinal and anterior corticospinal?

Lateral controls extremities. Anterior controls more axial muscles

What muscles are involved in elbow joint movement?

the muscles that are involved are the biceps and the triceps

What is the functions of the deltoid muscles?

raises the arm from the side of the body

What muscles are used to raise your arms to the side?

lateral deltoid

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