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I'm starting to get into the Skateboarding culture and I'm getting into the music. If i had to guess, the music that skateboarders would listen to, would be different genres of metal like deathcore, metalcore or hardcore with some exceptions. bands like:

The devil Wears Prada,

Bless The Fall,

Bring Me The Horizon,

Beneath The Sky,

As Blood Runs Black,

Escape The Fate* -personally there my favourite band, but they lost their lead vocalist (Ronnie) due to his heroine addiction, if I'm not mistaken.

Drop Dead Georgous,

Eyes set to kill,

and maybe From First To Last

**I hope I've answered your question, this is not exactly the music that skateboarders will listen to. Everyone is different and has different taste in music, so I don't mean to steriotype any skateboarders in this answer.**


skaters usually listen to metal or punk or rock or hip hop or rap or maybe them all.

skaters skate to whatever they personally enjoy...

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Q: What music do skateboarders listen to?
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