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Nine Days the Band is Atl. Rock

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What genre is 3 days grace?

It's Contemporary Christian music.

How do you relate music genre to film genre?

It is the music which creates the atmosphere required for the film genre.

Is there a genre of music associated with tango?

The genre of the music? Oodles Answer: Country

What genre of music are the strokes?

The genre of the music by the Strokes is Alternative rock

What music genre is Shayne Ward?

Shayne Wards music genre is rock

Hip hop is a Music genre?

Yes. Hip-Hop is a music genre.

What is the most overrated genre of music?

Dubstep is the most overrated genre of music

Why do people love Three Days Grace?

Most people enjoy Three Days Grace's music because Three Days Grace writes music that people can relate to with their lives. People also love Three Days Grace because of the style and genre of their music.

What is Justin Bieber genre of music?

The genre of music Justin Bieber sings is pop.

Is popular music a type of music genre?

nooo The answer is yes. The genre is called Pop.

Reggae hip hop metallica rock which of these is not a music genre?

All of them are a music genre because all are music.

What music genre is 'Burial - NYC'?

The music genre of Burial's song NYC falls under the genre of garage.

What music genre is food glorious food?

I believe it is Comedy. Yes, comedy is a music genre.

Is indie the biggest music genre in Britain?

Indie is not a genre. The biggest music in Britain is dubstep.

What genre of music is Avril lavigne considered as?

a.lavigne's music genre is considered to be pop punk.

What music genre is cyril hann?

The music genre that Cyril Hann performs is R and B.

What genre would Thai music be classified in?

The genre of music that Thai music would be categorized as would be instrumental. Music that is categorized as instrumental is music that has no words or singing.

The most popular music genre in the world?

The Most popular Genre of music around the world would be Country Music ... You loose

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